GOVERNMENT has said Chishimba Kambwili, who is currently in Zimbabwe is unwell and has called on Zambians to pray for him so that he can recover and come back home.

Cornelius Mweetwa, the Information and Media Minister says it would be immoral and unZambian for government to begin engaging in political wrestling with Mr Kambwili who is sick and requiring medical attention.

Mr Mweetwa, who is the Chief government spokesperson said in an interview yesterday that Mr Kambwili’s health was failing and that Zambians should come together in prayers


  1. Mweetwa please stop being naive! How many times do you want your government to be played by a convict? We know Kambwili is a physcopathy and that’s the only disease he suffers from. High blood pressure is not a disease, but a condition that is manageable. Kambwili loves and enjoys creating drama for sympathy. It’s obvious, he does not take his health seriously and that includes improving his diet and life style. He has a choice to make his adjustments to his life. You need to stop selling that narrative and let him, just come back and face the music for his crimes. This a lesson for government to stop getting involved in people who have no credibility. Kambwili is an adult, yet his decision making is like that of small kid. He does not consider the consequences of his actions. He is a selfish person who can’t function in a democracy. Regrettably, Zambian opposition politics has become a competition in lies and fake news.

    • You should take time to read through your insanity &discord posts! In one breath, you want to blame government for informing the nation about the status of Dr. Kambwili, yet again, you are just hell bent to ‘smoke’ a sick person to death?

      See, government has intelligence to access whatever information needed, more than your yapping box! It’s always important to think before tapping keyboard, trust..

  2. But how did leave Zambia? Tabasha balona. Tukentanshi tabatukenuma because you will need those who you have seen to be bad people.
    May this be a lesson to those doing cheap politic like abena Sean Tembo, Mmembe and others.
    Zambia is ours and when I die I will be burried and shall resurrect in Zambia as a Christian

  3. So being unwell is an excuse to commit a crime? I think all thieves, murderers and conmen should now use this excuse as it seems to be acceptable.


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