Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo says all the formalities required to evacuate opposition Patriotic Front (PF) Senior member, Chishimba Kambwili for specialized treatment abroad as directed by President Hichilema are almost complete.

Last week, President Hichilema directed that the opposition leader be evacuated abroad for specialized treatment following an illness.

Masebo said in an exclusive interview yesterday that the ministry of health has done all the necessary paperwork including a booking at the specialised hospital where he is supposed to go.

She said what has delayed the evacuation of the opposition leader is the clearance of his travel documents as his passports were with the courts and needed further clearance by the ministry of Home Affairs.

“Preparations from our end as ministry of health have been done and he might be flown out before the end of this week once the travel documents are cleared,” Masebo said.

Last week, Masebo announced that President Hichilema instructed her ministry to evacuate Kambwili for treatment after he was informed that the former Information and Broadcasting Minister was unwell.

-Times Media


  1. Who is paying? Masebo should answer that. A valid question was posed recently but she wants to dwell on everything else but that!

      • What do you mean what a question. A pertinent queation was asked last week as to who if footing Kambwili? Evacuation and treatment abroad?
        The Human Rights Commissioner asked why should Kambwili jump the line? There are people who cant afford treatment abroad while Kambwili is on record as being wealthy. Why should the Government foot Kambwili’s bill without waiting in line as others have had to?
        Please dont insult Zambians by suggesting that the question is irrelevant. We are all equal when it comes to government resources

  2. A presidential directive my brother means government resources have been committed. Can the government evacuate someone without paying for that activity. Lets not be shallow in our thinking.

    • Sorry but you have tenants of goverance and free speech wrong. Its my democracy right to point out when leaders walk out of step.
      There issues of justice and equity that dont sit right here and that decision can be revisited.
      The President is not God. He is a fallable human being and sad to say those around him should have spoken up.
      Morally this is a wrong decsion. If he feels so much for Kambwili as opposed to the many cases that have not come to his attention, let him use his personal resources. What I speak up against is the use of Tax payers money to send a man abroad when there MAYBE other and more serious cases before him (Kambwili).
      Kambwili is on record as saying he is wealthy. This is a time his family should use that wealth, if his wealth is so important to them.
      What I have no quams with is the givernment releasing him on health grounds to travel abroad, as long as he foots the bill or at least most of the bill. Its hypocritical to say we cant afford luxury VX and cut them out, yeta select few are able to enjoy the perks the rest of us are being told to tighten our belts.
      Whats good for the goose should be good for the gander. If our leader is in the habit of making decisions at whim (as suggested by whether Miles or Nkombo) this is a lesson that such a decision was a bad one. And sorry I wont mince my words. Its a rush decision that sets a bad precedence.
      Our President is NOT beyond reproach. He is in that office at the beheast of the people of Zambia, not politicians. In his own words he has pointed out to us, and his party that political office is one of service to the people not one where you give perks to those you know. Lets remember these are public resources he was very very critical about. His words become vain and empty if he is going to lecture us about being thrift with public resources because they are scarce, while being lavifishing those he “sees” and not on the basis of a professional opinion, NO! deciding a whim, that government foots Kamwbili’s medical bill.

  3. Dr. CHISUSHI CHANDI NEMWINE is not critical. If he was as he claims he would have used that money he was once boasting about having breakfast at intercontinental, Lunch in Jozzi. Fella has become so quiet and this is a GET OUT OF JAIL CARD.
    By the way where are his rabid supporters
    Shame on President FACEBOOK


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