For Immediate Release


Friday 16th April 2021

Kambwili’s appetite to be in conflict with the law has now reached an alarming stage. We wish to advice Kambwili to at least spare the Judiciary from his continued illegal activities. It’s a known fact by Kambwili and all his servants or agents that the Ndola High Court granted an injunction against him masquerading as NDC President and his servants or agents from carrying out any activities of NDC.

Despite the order Kambwili openly decide the Injunction and challenge anybody aggrieved to site him for contempt of court.

This afternoon the Ndola High Court granted leave to commence contempt proceedings against Chishimba Kambwili, Saboi Imboela, Paul Mbulo and Ackson Kaonga to show cause why they should not be sent to prison for contempt of court. The court process has been duly saved on Kambwili’s lawyers, however, we have been reliably informed by his members of central committee who are infact in our team that Kambwili this afternoon withdraw zmk 150,000 and has sent zmk 15,000 to each province to ferry people for a convention in Kitwe on Saturday at Moba Hotel, he has also further instructed Paul Mbulo to call for an urgent central committee meeting tomorrow in Luanshya at his place, the purpose of this meeting is to elect a Chairman who will Precide over the convention in Kitwe at which Kambwili will only appear for few minutes and the convention must elect him as President in Absenture.

After his illegal election as President they intend to change office bearers of NDC, we wonder what demon has entered our brother.

We wish to warn that in light of leave to commence contempt proceedings that has been granted by the court, all those who will attend the Luanshya meeting and the Kitwe convention risks being included to the action of contempt of court.

Lastly we have further informed the police command in Luanshya and Kitwe and the province to immediately arrest anyone who will be seen violating the order of the court.

Issued by: NDC Media Department


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