By: Thabo Kawana | Lusaka Mon, 10th May 2021

On Camnet TV news this evening and in his usual desperation to impress his superiors in his newly returned to Political like a prodigal son, Mr. Kambwili has launched a scatching attack on the newly entered into alliance between the Upnd and the Zambia we want (ZWW) alliance.

In his usual fashion, Kambwili has gone for the persona of leaders in the alliance such as Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) and MDC leader Felix Mutati with pedestrian, cheap, unresearched non facts.

Kambwili states that Mutati was part of the PF Govt as Finance Minister and questions what Mutati will do to the Economy that he did not do when he served as Finance Minister in the PF Govt.

Well, let me help Kambwili with a few facts of what Mutati was able achieve as Finance Minister in the PF Govt as I wonder whether Kambwili was looking into a camera or Mirror as he says that alliances born out of frustration of been denied PF Presidency and been fired as Cabinet Minister do not work. Kambwili was speaking from the terraces of the Lusaka Magistrate Courts, his newly found home or Office since he is found there more often than not.

To start with, Mutati took over Ministry of Finance at the time the Kwacha to a USA dollar rate was K13 to $1. He worked hard and brought it down to K7 to $1.

He found the inflation rate at 18.7% and through hard work and dedication, he managed to bring it down to a single digit of 6.8% in a record one calendar year.

PF took over Govt from MMD in 2011 and took over an Economy who’s GDP was growing at an average of 7%, they slowed down the growth in 2012 and from 2013, the Economy started recording stagnation to negative growth. The only time PF Govt ever recorded growth of GDP was in 2017 under the charge of Felix Mutati as Finance Minister.

He came in as Finance Minister at a time PF Govt had increased it’s insatiable appetite for borrowing and immediately curbed the vice by stating on the floor of Parliament during his budget presentation that we cannot spend money we don’t have and that we cannot borrow beyond our capacity to pay back.

As a result, he curtailed most pipeline borrowings and only borrowed $90m for the whole period he served as Finance Minister. $40m for Agriculture farming equipment and another $50m for Aquaculture (fish farming). That’s all.

The Financial Management Act (FMA) PF brags about was coined by Mutati and he presented it before cabinet and it passed cabinet stage therefore making it a creature of Mutati by the time it was been presented to Parliament by Minister Mwanakatwe.

Mutati further created a sinking fund to help pay off Zambia’s debt whenever it fell due and that is why in 2017, 18 and 19, Zambia never defaulted in debt payment as a result of Mutati’s sinking fund initiative.

As a consequence, credit rating organisations such as Fitch rated Zambia with a B+ grading in 2017, 18 and 19. Come 2020 with Zambia defaulting in debt repayment, our rating dropped to D and eventually junk status. We are a junk Nation and it’s all thanks to the PF Govt.

So, Mr Kambwili. As you can see, Mutati was given an opportunity to work for the pipo of Zambia and he delivered in his role with Excellency. The country remains proud and respectful for the way President Mutati has handled all National Assignments given to him without exception.

But what is your record as Cabinet Minister Mr Kambwili?

You wr convicted by the court for forgery, uttering a false document and giving false information to a public Officer. This is a crime you committed in 2013 when you served as Senior Cabinet Minister considering that you wr only fired by President Lungu as Cabinet Minister on the 8th of November 2016.

Currently, the court has found you with a case to answer and consequently put you on your defense in a case wr you are facing 39 counts of bn in possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime, uttering a false document among other charges.

This is wr you are charged with making a false document and uttering a false document Chief among is a fake tax clearance certificate.

Other charges include that you Mr Kambwili, through your company Mwamona Investments, did obtain percurinary advantage of over $105,220 from China Henan by purporting that your company which was sub contracted was executing works on the Luwingu – Mansa Rd when in fact not. Considering that one is innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of Law, we look forward to the conclusion of this case and wish you good luck.

But suffices to say, again that the above accusations you are in court for are alleged to have been committed at a time you served as Senior Cabinet Minister.

That is your record as you served as Cabinet Minister, accusation after another, court appearance after another.

The same can’t and will never be said about Felix Mutati, the man has integrity beyond your level of comprehension. So please Sir Mr Kambwili, I beg you. Keep your lane and know your level. Mutati is not your level🙏🏾



  1. Some people have a propensity to hold on to two political parties at any one particular time, for example they could be in one party with a belly while the other parts of the body are in another party as consultants, and that seems to repeat itself through out their political career because they do not know what they want in life, soon this consultancy will land them into problems because the group they currently embrace will ask them why they are still active with their consultancy while pretending to be loyal currently, it is only if the current grouping has no eyes to see are they going to survive by double dealing, how do you join one army and still maintain a rebel grouping against that army, if that army accepts you with that double dealing, then that army is no bwino bwino.

  2. Mr curios frog kambwili look at who is talking u are even failing to walk because of lies which have infiltrated your body cells. U are the one full of hate for HH .Had u been head of the alliance then u were going to stay. Blackmailer it is good pipo of Zambia know u very well . Whether u avoid the jail now it is waiting for you .

  3. Sadly when government change your cases ll still be active in courts if law, my worries is how are you going to start throwing mud at pf to rejoin upnd to secure freedom. Well it’s not imaginable that jail is waiting for you and probably it ll have to take HH to pardon you. If you were a blight being you should have gone into pf quietly to secure your freedom and fill that tammy. Mr chagwa was not going to force you to insult poeple no, even if he appreciates poeple that fight for him but I equally doubt it if his able or if does command any body to do dirty games on his poeple put yourself in this rubbish to win his favours.

  4. Kambwili is a prophet, he prophesied what he will become when he said insoni ebuntu, what is he now that he is shameless? Inkumba? Cimbwi? or what?

  5. Zambians we are mostly to blame for continuously awarding incompetent people platforms to continue abusing our intelligence! Many we get drawn to the vitriolic rhetoric that is lacking substance and rejoice in being useful idiot’s aiding the between parties swinging politicians have a grip on us to keep enjoying the comforts we hope they would help distribute for the citizenry as we elect them but it never comes to pass for they only work for themselves! This Kambwili is criticizing the alliance and the leaders. Kambwili has been through the same route and the problem with Zambians is that people are quick to blame the end that welcomes the individuals to forming the pact and not trying to fault those instigating the pact! HH welcomes many that want to work with his party and welcomes them with open arms but he is the one that gets the most heat when the pact fails and not those who came to his party for it’s like they come with hidden agendas one of which is to unseat HH from his place in the party! When it does not work they scamper off but not without a deconstruction agenda for those staying true to their original set up! Maybe a well nurtured new generation would be a good thing for Zambian politics.


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