Kanganja a ‘cheat’, say police officers


    KANGANJA is a cheat who is eating and living lavishly with the PF, say police officers.

    And Southern Province UPND secretary Winnerson Ng’uni says the statement by the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja is a confession that he would do anything that the PF instructs him to, even if it is against the rule of law.

    Some Livingstone police officers mobbed this reporter yesterday to protest against their IG’s statement.

    On Thursday, Kanganja in a statement said the PF had made work of the police ver easy.

    He said since PF came to power the police were no longer working under difficult conditions.

    “My brother, if we had a union, we would have called for a sit-in until the man (Kakoma Kanganja) resigned. He is a cheat. Why tell the entire nation that we are no longer working under difficult conditions when small boys in the name of being PF cadres are giving us instructions?” one officer asked. “They insult us at will and many of our brothers have lost their jobs all because of the PF lies, the list is endless. The man is a total failure, a cheat, who is eating and living a lavish life with the PF. He is the one protecting PF thieves and harassing innocent Zambians who just want the best for all citizens.”

    Another officer fumed, saying that Kanganja was a “disgrace” to the police service, while another said the officers’ working environment was still as it was under UNIP.

    “The man is a disgrace to us all and I want officers to stop calling him KK because it’s disgracing Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Go round to all central police stations in the country…tell me, which one is computerised from the inquiries section? Check out the furniture we sit on! It is the one left by UNIP. In other instances, it is the one left by the Britons in 1964,” the officer complained. “I leave home to sit on a chair that can break any second under my weight. When we cross into neighbouring Botswana, a police station inquiry section is worth a guest house or hotel lobby and the man says we are working in good conditions!”

    And Ng’uni asked Kanganja to resign on moral grounds for letting down his officers.

    “His talk confirms why we have been tormented as an opposition party. Our leader Hakainde Hichilema is a victim of Kanganja and the PF. There is no rule of law whatsoever under Kanganja,” said Ng’uni.

    Meanwhile, former Livingstone district commissioner Paul Sensele said Kanganja was just protecting his job by praising the PF.

    Sensele said he did not blame Kanganja because the man had to eat.

    “I remember that under one IG, MMD cadres had threatened to gang rape Edith Nawakwi and kill a Mongu Diocese Bishop, but the then IG, I think it was, [Francis] Kabonde, said we can’t arrest anyone until a crime is committed. So please understand him (Kanganja) he is unprofessional and wants to eat and remain IG,” said Sensele.


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