Kanye West has addressed JAY-Z, Drake, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott and plenty more during an explosive rant at a Vultures studio session turned afterparty.
West, Ty Dolla $ign and co. were forced to pivot after their Las Vegas rave was allegedly shut down by police early Friday (December 15). They appeared to head to someone’s living room with a large group of people to record and keep the party going.

With emotions riding high, Kanye took centerstage and went on a rant, or as he calls it a stream of consciousness, which was captured on IG Live by YesJulz.

In the clip, Ye is heard jumping around through a multitude of topics ranging from Michael Rubin to his rap peers.

“I don’t want to hear shit from none of these Jewish n-ggas talking about, ‘Oh, he’s in an episode.’ Harley Pasternak followed me to the fucking hotel. That n-gga killed Aaron Carter, and now they acting like they won’t clear the Backstreet Boys sample,” he said as the likes of YG and Quavo watched on.

“Harley Pasternak, Pusha, your trainer. Harley Pasternak, JAY-Z. And then n-ggas be hanging around these n-ggas just for the money, on some Mike Rubin shit. I’ll slap the shit out of Mike Rubin, I see that n-gga. Fuck these n-ggas, bro.”

Kanye West goes off against Zionists, Bernard Arnault, Alexandre Arnault, François Pinault, Ari Emanuel, Harley Pasternak, Demna, Balenciaga, GAP, Adidas, Coodie, Drake, Jay-Z, Kim K, the guests at his listening party & more pic.twitter.com/Ig7fdjjoz0

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) December 15, 2023

Pasternak is Ye’s former trainer who pulled up to the same hotel at which he was reportedly staying in Soudi Arabia last month.

There’s plenty of history there as West was hospitalized following an alleged mental health episode at Pasternak’s house in 2016. The hospitalization led to West being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he has since claimed was a misdiagnosis.

“These are zionists, n-gga, this is what I’m trying to tell you,” he proclaimed. “Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye. Third party, sponsor that. Bring your sponsorships to that.”

Ye continued to address Drake and Travis Scott: “Drake, I love you, I’m gonna get the tattoo. But any of y’all n-ggas — Trav, Drake, whoever — y’all gotta show up. Don’t tell me I’m talking crazy. Me, Pharrell, we broke down this door. We all in this shit together.”

“A lot of people have shit to say about my Jewish comments. But ain’t nobody in this fucking room, and none of y’all entertainer n-ggas, ever said nothing when I was praying to see my kids.

Ye went on to reveal that he actually spoke to Tory Lanez and they prayed together on the phone, thought it’s unclear if this was pre-sentencing in his Megan Thee Stallion shooting case.

“One of the last days…uh, what’s my n-gga who got locked up for the Megan Thee Stallion shit? So Tory Lanez called me,” he recalled. “We were saying prayers on the phone together. And I prayed that day.

“I know JAY-Z here like, ‘Oh, this n-gga gonna die now.’ I’ve been here for a year, my n-gga. They can’t fucking touch me. Why? ‘Cause God cover me. He cover me. And guess what, Trump? We ain’t giving you support ‘less you get Larry [Hoover] out. Drake this what you been waiting for, JAY-Z this what you been waiting for, Cam this what you been waiting for.”

Ye also maligned director Coodie Simmons for how he portrayed him in the third episode of the Jeen-Yuhs documentary.

“They made me the face of bi-polar. Okay, big pharma, where my royalties? All them drugs you sold off of the idea of Ye being bi-polar,” he said.

On the music side, Kanye previewed plenty of new tunes on the way as West and Ty Dolla $ign appear to be close to delivering Vultures. Although they are still actively recording and mixing tracks. It’s unclear when Vultures will hit streaming services as Ye previously promised it to arrive on Friday.


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