Kapiri headteacher made to labour on farm over K3,000 Kaloba

KAPIRI’S KALUNDU Primary School headteacher Patrick Chongo was on Wednesday forced to do manual labour at the farm of a man he owed K3,000.

The Times of Zambia reports that Chongo obtained an interest-based debt from Brighton Cheelo but failed to pay it on time.

According to the report, Cheelo went to Chongo’s house located within the school in Ntasa area of Kakwelesa Ward in Kapiri Mposhi on Tuesday to claim his money but the headteacher did not have it at the time.

This angered Cheelo who refused to go back home until he was repaid the money.

Cheelo spent the night at Chongo’s house.

“The following day, Cheelo told Chongo to follow him to a farm located 16 kilometers from Kalundu Primary School to Kabimga Forest where they walked on foot,” the Times reported.

Further, the newspaper narrated that; it was there that Chongo was told that he was required to work as a farm labourer until the K3,000 was recovered.

Chongo worked on Cheelo’s farm from 08:00 hours to 18:00 hours.

Later, Chongo explained to the Times that his failure to pay was due to financial challenges he was experiencing but Cheelo could not understand him.

The headteacher described his experience as farm labourer as disturbing.

“It was a bad experience when Mr Cheelo took me from the school, I instructed my deputy headteacher at the school to report the matter to the police. I have managed to secure the money and I have repaid him,” Chongo has been quoted as saying.

Cheelo could not be reached for comment because his mobile phone went unanswered.

Kakwelesa Ward Councilor Benny Chiboni intervened and reported the matter to Police while demanding for the teacher to be released.

By press time, Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga did not have the details of the case.

Kalemba October 2, 2020


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