By Jackson Mwewa Chabala Junior

A middle aged business man in Kapiri has today been apprehended by the police after he allegedly attempted to end the life of his wife’s boyfriend.

According to the narratives available, a middle aged man identified as Kaluba Emmanuel, a renowned business man in Kapiri, today met his wife’s boyfriend at his shop.

The wife’s boyfriend came smartly dressed, the long sleeved shirt was nicely tacked into a navy blue trousers which seemingly refused to be touched by his tiny body.

He walked into the hardware shop belonging to Mr. Kaluba and asked where the owner of the shop was since whenever he comes he finds the woman in question. Mr. Kaluba was a bit surprised but remembering he slept with countable bean seeds in the belly, he approached him and politely asked if he needed help.

The man turned to Mr. Kaluba and said, “I wanted to meet the owner of the shop. She is a beautiful lady and is usually found here.” He did not even give Mr. Kaluba time to respond. “I should probably call her,” he added, “by now we should be in Ndola.”

Mr. Kaluba’s heart beat was slowly losing the rhythm, after seconds, he felt his bile had sunk straight into the bladder. Do you have a different number I can use to call her. I seem not to reach her on her line.

These were the last words the man produced. What followed was a Y14 round bar across his face. Before he could reposition himself, his newspaper weight body was flying a meter high and landed together with a safety boot on the face.

Mr. Kaluba lifted his boot to hit the face for a second time but this time the man dodged and managed to come back to his feet. His shoes were not on, they probably flew away when his body was swayed.

He threw three punches aiming at Mr. Kaluba but missed them all. Mr. Kaluba’s face had turned gray, the sight of his wife with another man breaking sweet barriers was haunting him.

He was ready to kill. He continuously threw punches like an electric powered machine. The man first blocked two punches, the third penetrated and kissed the left eye, pooooh!

Checking if the eye ball was still in the socket, another punch kissed the other eye then the left ear. The man could not see or hear anything. The finish him kick went straight to the area where the two legs meet and like the wall of Jericho, he fell slowly to the ground.

People were shouting ‘Amwipaya’ as they tried to get hold of Mr. Kaluba. The man was on the ground, his eyes were up. Luckily, Mr. Kaluba was pushed away by people. When the mob was still looking at the dying man, Mr. Kaluba was seen with a sack of cement coming to finish off his wife’s boyfriend.

Meanwhile, rumors are that the wife had told him she was going to Mushili in Ndola to see her sick mother.

Mr. Kaluba reportedly whipped anyone who got close to him with a round bar until the police came and locked him. The wife’s boyfriend is fighting for his life on the oxygen support machine.


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