Kasama Airport witnesses insults and lawlessness- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


Kasama Airport witnesses insults and lawlessness

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba wrote;
He had invited the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, His Excellency Du Xiaohui, and he had gathered their royal highnessess, the Bemba Chiefs and senior Government officials from Lusaka and the area.

But this is the day he insulted and also broke the law by recognising a PF suspended member, Robert Chabinga as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

Patriotic Front Government built the airport terminal and lengthened and built the 2.8km runway.
The UPND Government finished it by tarring the runway.

Instead of remembering the commissioning of the Kasama Airport, residents will remember the insults, the lawlessness and the “tantameni” act he did at Shoprite.
Ba President, Ba Elder, Zambians deserve better.


  1. “this is the day he insulted and also broke the law by recognising a PF suspended member, Robert Chabinga as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament”
    How is that an insult? Ba Mwamba after assulting a Policeman you want to stand here and judge?

  2. It is a pity some idiots who should have been aborted and dumped in a pit latrine somewhere in Palestine came to be born in our clean land and are making it ditier with stinking vomits.

    How can saying I was being beaten here be an insult? And how can recognizing an opposition leader in parliament be an insult? Insult to who and as what? STUPID IDIOT.

  3. Mr. Mwamba or you like to be called Ambassador, you have been in government for many years and you know very well that the President does not write his own speech, he just reads and says what’s written for him. If the people who wrote the speech for him is what they wrote about Hon Chabinga, he simply read and said what was written in that speech. Is it not the same answer Judge Chulu gave when people wanted to know where Chitulika Constituency is? And because you were a beneficiary that time, there were no insults or lawlessness, shame on you.
    Me, I just want to sincerely thank the people of Northern and Luapula Provinces and all the opposition Hon MPs for ignoring propagandists and tribalists like you, they demonstrated yesterday that we are all Zambians, it doesn’t matter where you are or live, Zambians are there to receive you and interact with you. We can work together under the umbrella of unity. Those people and the MPs have really made us, well-meaning Zambians proud and have put you haters to shame. It’s in Zimbabwe where there were insults and lawlessness when the government of that country gave you a platform to even make a video and say all the bad things you said about our good president and country. Shame on you again.

  4. Mwamba is not an opposition but a fault finder. He never gives credit where it is due but criticises everything the president says or does. A very bitter man. Suck it up HH is president of Zambia a position you will never hold.

  5. Mr Mwamba Sir. Kindly learn to be Factual.
    The airport terminal was built under Mr Rupiah Banda. I recall because I know the people who did the design and the contractor for the project.
    Secondly, it’s true that the runway was started under PF , but it took ten years and there was no physical progress.
    Learn to appreciate. All endless projects are now being completed

  6. When someone is said to be petty, this is exactly what it means to be petty. There is no point in growing up if someone still behaves like a kid.


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