Kasaro is not fit to hold that ECZ office or clean enough to issue threats- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Emmanuel Mwamba

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Kasaro is not fit to hold that ECZ office or clean enough to issue threats

I was extremely busy today that I didn’t even notice a malicious report from ECZ’s new Chief Electoral Officer, Brown Kasaro,a man who the Opposition have protested should not be holding that position because of his previous crimes at the Electoral Commission of Zambia, that caused his arrest and dismissal.

It was important for the Commission to employ an officer with unimpeachable character to attract credibility, trust and confidence in the Commission.

Any way Mr. Kasaro has come back to ECZ to perpetuate illegalities at the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Instead of acknowledging the irregularities and cleaning up the Electoral malpractice and mess seen in the last by-elections, he is issuing threats against us who are demanding free, clean and fair elections.

The credibility of ECZ will only be restored by conducting free and fair elections, devoid of malpractice as seen in the Kabushi and Kwacha by-elections, and the recent electoral violations that occurred in Mwembeshi Ward in Chimbamilonga Constituency in Northern Province.

Below is the Statement from ECZ


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has noted with concern serious allegations that
have been circulated on Mr Emmanuel Mwamba’s Facebook page alleging that “The
Electoral Commission of Zambia set up secret Polling Stations…” during the 1st December
2023 ward by-election for Mwembeshi Ward in Nsama District, Northern Province,
Further, the Commission has noted the malicious allegations on Mr. Raphael Nakachinda’s
Facebook page against the Commission in relation to the recent by-elections that took place in Kabuta Ward of Nchelenge District, Mwembeshi Ward of Nsama District and Sankolonga Ward of Mwandi District.

In his statement, Mr. Nakachinda alleges that the
Commission connived to abrogate the Electoral Code of Conduct in full view of alert

The Commission takes great exception to these accusations and wishes to categorically
state that these accusations were all figments of Mr Mwamba’s and Mr. Nakachinda’s

Polls in the just ended by-election in Mwembeshi Ward of Nsama District were
conducted at the officially listed four (4) Polling Stations namely Nsama 1, Nsama 2, Sefya and Mulenga.

The campaigns and polls in Kabuta Ward of Nchelenge District and Sankolonga Ward of Mwandi Distict were all conducted in peaceful environments as
attested by stakeholders.

It is the Commission’s expectation that stakeholders in the electoral process conduct
themselves honourably.

The Commission takes this matter seriously and is considering further action, in this matter,
against those individuals who engage in misinformation and disinformation in order to
discredit the credibility of the Commission and the entire electoral process.

The Commission therefore would like to call upon stakeholders who are aggrieved during the electoral process to follow laid down procedures stipulated by the law and desist from making unwarranted and baseless accusations against the Commission.

Brown Kasaro
Chief Electoral Officer


  1. Mwamba and Nakachinda have made a lot of atrocious allegations without being taken to court and convicted. They will continue to peddle lies and when arrested claim they are being muzzled . Please arrest them, let them be tried in court and convicted and the key be thrown n away or taken to remote area correctional services to serve their time. We are sick and tired of their propaganda while they live in luxury from PF looting, pretending to fight for poor Zambians.

  2. Are you the one now who scrutinizes people’s qualifications? If Shindano was your planted man at ECZ, mwailasha manje. Do you think we have forgotten your rigging activities? Two to three months before elections, you recalled yourself and came here scheming on how to rig. You will never see that chance again, not in Zambia, may be in Uganda where your friend Chavula came from. Kasaro is many times more credible than your Esau Chulu, for Kasaro to allow a foreigner in the server room is unthinkable.


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