Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana shares…

Earlier today, we visited MultiChoice Zambia Limited to establish facts surrounding the announcement of DStv price adjustment effective 1st April, 2024.

Company Managing Director Mrs Leah Kooma was on hand to take us round in order to familiarize ourselves with the company’s operations.

Mrs Kooma revealed that price adjustments are not determined by exchange rate fluctuations
but various factors such as satellite fees, cost of acquiring both local and international content, cost of distributing content and decoders.

As Government, we implored MultiChoice Zambia Limited to always carry people along in whatever it does as members of the public are an integral part of the company.

We conveyed to MultiChoice the concerns of the people that include expensive DStv, repeated programs/movies and frequent upward price adjustments.

We were glad to note that the increments are mostly annual and bi-annual and prices are in different bands that include K40 bouquet ensuring there is DStv for many at different levels to afford.

Zambia is ready for business hence the UPND New Dawn Government is creating strong institutions that support an enabling environment for investment.

Thabo Kawana
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Information and Media


  1. Does this government know what its role is in an open market economy? This is interference. It might make sense for a Second Republic government official to go and demand a reduction of retail prices but HH should have sat down with cadres like Kawana and given them a crash course in economics before appointing them. Multichoice can charge any price they have in their minds as long as demand is available.
    It’s the customers who will decide whether to go ahead with such luxurious saleables or abandon the product for DeadNBC. Didnt you see that some traders left Zambia after realising they had no market here?

  2. My big questions to Hon. Felix Mutati are as follows:

    1. Why was Mwemb-
    – eshi Earth Statio-
    -n built in Zambia?

    2. How does other
    Countries like
    Kenya and Seneg-
    -al use the same
    infracture which
    was built at the
    same time as our
    own Mwembeshi
    Satellite Station?

    3. With the glaring
    expensive that
    comes with DSTV
    does Hon Mutati
    has Plan B of
    contracting a
    different CARRI-
    ER like the Repu-
    -bulic of Togo did

    4. DSTV is not the only the TV signal carrier in the world or is the satellite the hovers around RSA the only one???


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