KAYO WARD CANDIDATE RESIGNS, WITHDRAWS FROM THE RACE…In solidarity with candidates that were disenfranchised by ECZ


CF Press Release


…In solidarity with candidates that were disenfranchised by ECZ…

Countrymen and Women, as you may be aware the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ recently announced the acceptance of Nominations from the three by elections in Mwansabombwe, Shiwangandu and Mpika and the said exercise was carried out on Tuesday 19th December, 2023.

While we participated in that exercise with our party members pushing in their nomination, we regret to announce that the CF candidate in Mwansabombwe has in the spirit of solidarity with other parties that have been disenfranchised and in ensuring that the ECZ upholds the law by which it is established, the CF candidate has withdrawn from the by election in Mwansabombwe until the ECZ does the right thing and that is avoiding to do things out of personal will or volition but rather operate within the dictates of the Electoral Act.

As the CF, we maintain our position that you can not bring a card carrying cadre to oversee an institution as important as ECZ. The result is what we are experiencing today and unless they change their attitude and start operating in line with the law, we shall have no choice but to continue doing everything within the law to ensure that we push for the perpetual postponement of all by elections going forward.

We would also like to bring to the international community’s attention that we are concerned in the manner in which the governance space is fast shrinking in Zambia. If allowed to go unchecked, we will have a clear dictator on our hands.

We trust that this path we have embarked on will help bring all our comrades and partners in the opposition including the international community to see the so called new Dawn government for what it is – a repressive, undemocratic and vindictive regime that came to form government through lies and has continued to lie even when they have finally been exposed.

We thank you as we look forward to working with you in the new year and the many years to come.

God bless Zambia and may He give us the strength to continue standing firm in the face of the storm.

Frank Sichone
Citizens First Spokes Person
22nd December, 2023


  1. Still baffles me why this one resigned from he’s party cf rather than just withdraw from the election? Is cf being truthful in this report or just joining the band wagon of pfidiots lies???


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