_James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President_

KBF demeaned the Alliance and President HH yesterday when he featured on a platform.

He can’t just pass and get away with it unanswered.

This is a KBF who is political party less since the PF has expelled him.

KBF claimed to be intelligent which is true because records at unza speaks so. But KBF is not the only intelligent Zambian. We are a country of countless intelligent people which includes me with my Distinction-and-Merit only academic record. KBF should also understand that classroom intelligence is different from applied wisdom and leadership.

Rigging elections for PF is not leadership and there is no leadership in rigging elections.

KBF is just a rigger and cunning lawyer and absolutely nothing else.

The Law Association of Zambia has closed his Law firm a record 20 times for duping and crooking his client. How can such a crook and a father of a thief arrested in America say President HH takwata amano.

If HH takwata amano, why is KBF’s always cooking HH’a beaf which she buys from Spar, Shoprite and Pick n Pay. How can KBF leave HH’ beaf bought from shoprite and go to the media and say HH takwata amano?

KBF is talking about Zambian politics based on the book he has written. We don’t know if he is going to contest as a president on the ticket of his book since he has no registered political party, as the PF has expelled him.

If KBF is a man of exceptional intelligence and integrity then why has the PF expelled him. And why is his son a thief in America?

How can you be a man of integrity when your son is a thief in America?

Going by the number of times that KBF has crushed with the Law Association of Zambia, its clear and open to all Zambians to see that KBF is just a thief and a cunning law who can not be trusted with national leadership.

This is a thief who has a record of having stollen money from his clients after crooking them with fake legal representation. Records are there.

That’s for you KBF. Only the gullible and foolish ignoramuses can listen to your lies. We shall see if your poorly researched and useless books will vote for you since you don’t even have a political party and you cant even form one.

You are challenging HH when you don’t even have a political party? You cant even see the gates of the mulungushi rock of authority because PF cadres will skin you alive and hung your liver on zesco power lines if you attempt going to the PF convention, but you are putting yourself in a game that you cant even play since you don’t even have a political party.

Form your own political party then start talking about us. The electoral commission does not deal with book writers. Form a party and call yourself a politician.

You just participated in rigging elections with PF and you call yourself a leader?

Leave President HH alone.

*James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President*


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