KBF – Mutati Alliance intention is to push for an Agenda that UPND consider them for Vice Presidency.

Sender writes,

Ba Nkashi(Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba)

There is a rumour that KBF – Mutati Alliance doesn’t even want to stand but are pushing for an Agenda that UPND consider them for Vice Presidency.

Please twapapata, Let us face facts and stop going round and round. The people who always rush to UPND also cost us in some way. Most of them are with us for the sake of their troubles. But once they feel its time to go back, they will start insulting us and the leadership.

Secondly, these guys are sly and white collar crooks. The Zambian Demographic analysis on voters and their wishes have shown us their disappointment with the PF government. Its not rocket science to see how PF is faring. Lets not even try and entertain such useless arrangements.

KBF, Mutati and their cronies must go and stand and eat from Lungu votes. If they want to come to UPND, they must come as members.

This Alliance is said to be discussing with some elements in UPND pushing us yet in another direction, thats why they have not even unveiled their leader..

Warning to NMC members double dealing and influencing useless decisions is that, we can watch and see. Time will catch up with you.

Lastly the UPND must stick with our own people. We would rather adopt ours, even with our mistakes and weakness than some outsider.

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