Kebby Mbewe

[By Ben Mbangu in Monze]

KEBBY Mbewe says if he had powers he would have suggested that President Edgar Lungu continues leading the nation till Jesus Christ returns.

Addressing headmen in Malama village in chief Monze’s chiefdom at a meeting also attended by the chief himself, Mbewe said President Lungu deserved to be in power till the time Jesus Christ will come back.

“If I had power within my limits, I would have said that let President Edgar Lungu continue being the President of Zambia until the time Jesus Christ will come back on earth,” he said. “If only this Constitution was made by people that love this country they would have chosen to have President Lungu till the time Jesus will come back because he is a caring and humble President.”

Mbewe said there was no sign of change of government stressing that people were aware that President Lungu had delivered beyond their expectation.

He accused those opposing President Lungu of being against what the Bible says.

And Mbewe said the lack of relationship between the government and headmen had derailed development in the country.

“As PF we have realised that headmen are key stakeholders that must not be left behind especially in opposition strongholds,” he said.

“Some places held by the opposition people will just hate us for lack of development when it is not our fault as PF but the problem is with the leaders you chose to represent you as MPs and councillors. As PF, we saw the need to engage you headmen to know challenges facing your subjects because your representatives don’t tell us.”

Mbewe said it was the wish of President Lungu to strengthen the working relationship with headmen.

He expressed happiness that chief Monze had now started showing direction to his people.

“If the chief had started a long time ago showing such kind of leadership and direction to his people, Monze [district] would be more developed by now. Politics is not eaten but works. If you can’t benefit from government where else will you get help?” asked Mbewe.

And Monze urged his headmen to support the government of the day for the sake of development.

Earlier, Mbewe received Monze urban councillor Buumba Pandwe who defected from the UPND to join PF citing lack of strategy by the largest opposition party to win elections.

“Today PF members in Monze are able to move around in regalia and very soon the belief that Monze is UPND will die and come August general elections the results for UPND will be embarrassing being its stronghold,” Mbewe said.

“Let’s snatch everyone even a chairperson. We have promised President Lungu that we will deliver four seats using defectors from UPND. All friends coming from UPND are welcome because we want to drive the country in oneness. PF accepts anybody. Whoever joins can be used in any position.”

And Pandwe said he realised that he had no future in UPND.

“The UPND has no strategy and they don’t know how they are going to win. Their politics is not progressive. I’m a young man who wants to contribute to development of the country no wonder I have joined PF,” said Pandwe.



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