Kebby Mbewe

KEBBY Mbewe is behaving like rabid dog, says NDC member of the central committee Paul Sensele.

Sensele says the ruling PF is like a deflated ball which is of no use to football players.

Mbewe, a PF central committee member, attracted the wrath of Sensele after he attacked the NDC president Chishimba Kambwili and DP president Harry Kalaba as leaders who were opening their mouths to win a position of running mate to Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND.

But Sensele said the PF was full of corrupt and foolish people.

He said Kambwili and Kalaba resigned from the ruling party out of principle.

“Who is foolish and corrupt between leaders in the PF and Kambwili? Kambwili and Kalaba resigned from the PF on principle because of corruption. They (PF) even brought in Dora Siliya who insulted Michael Sata and Bowman Lusambo who claimed he was an MMD diehard but is now eating up all PF sweets. Mbewe is the one who is an attention seeker here and not Kambwili or Kalaba. Mbewe is behaving like a rabid dog,” said Sensele. “Here people are saying the PF is deflated in that even if you pompa (inflate) it, it can’t work as it is punctured. So I am inviting Kebby Mbewe to the NDC as long as he shuts his rabid mouth.”


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