Kennedy Kamba

Patriotic Front (PF) Provincial chairperson Kennedy Kamba has expressed concern over Lusaka City Council’s sale of Land in the wards which was done without proper coordination between the councilors and the council management.

Mr Kamba said at the press briefing Friday that the sale of the land which was allegedly done at a faster speed has raised concern among the top party officials and government officials.

He told Lusaka councilors during the press briefing that although it was not the duty of the party to interfere with operations of the council management, the local authority should however be mindful to put the ruling party’s interests first to avoid ridicule by residents in the City.

“Whatever you do as councilors and decisions you make in the council chamber, should reflect the values, principles, and generally it must be in line with the party policy and manifesto, regarding the administration of the local government,” he said.

Reminding them that they are serving as councilors on the PF ticket, Mr Kamba said they must represent the interest of the party and the President warning that any misconduct they do will expose the ruling party to condemnation and insults from the opposition and members of the public.

“Councilors and the mayor we have noted with regrets that their seem to be disunite, mistrust, and indiscipline in the manner you are handling the affairs of the council regarding the sale of properties,” he said.

The PF Chairperson noted that there seem to be lack of coordination in manner they are handling council matters especially between councilors and the council management.

He said there is also lack of proper information and the councilors are failing to give accurate information to the party and the governance system.

Mr Kamba disclosed that the party has discovered that there is no sale of any property in Lusaka as the only property is that of the North-mead car park.

He noted that the lease of the car park has been halted adding that there is so much infighting among the councilors as some of them have even abandoned their civic duties.

Mr Kamba said the party will not tolerate the situation where the office of the mayor, property developers, and council management are dragged into public and embarrassing media debate because at the end of the day it’s the party’s image which is tarnished.

He implored them to tow the pro-poor policies of the party not their selfish interest or ambitions as they were not elected to involve themselves into corrupt practices as it would land them into serious problems.


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