Kenya intends to increase police salaries by 40% over next three years


Kenya’s police and prison officers are going to get a 40% raise in their pay over the next three years. This is based on a review of the security sector, said President William Ruto.

The pay raise is meant to make people feel better and make them feel more secure.

A group that studied how to make policing better in the country suggested it.

Kenyan police are known for being violent and taking bribes, but people are also worried about their well-being.

They don’t get much money and some have turned to crime. In the past few years, some police officers have died by suicide and it’s been acknowledged that many of them are having a hard time with their mental health.

In the past, there were attempts to increase their salary, but it did not make Kenyans think of them differently.

“We will look at the rules for our military to make them happier and improve our safety. ”

He said the suggestion to increase pay by 40% over three years was “carefully thought out. We will now wait for the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to make the needed changes so we can carry out the decision.

The president promised to be tough on corruption in the police and acknowledged that it is a big problem.

He said that the raise in pay and other changes they want to make will solve the problems the task force found – not enough money, bad leadership, problems with the structure and organization, and corruption.

The group, led by David Maraga, was created in December after Mr. Ruto became president.

We were asked to find ways to make the working and living conditions better for police, prison, and NYS officers, and also to suggest other changes.

The task force suggested that people should be at least 21 years old to join the police force, not 18. It was also recommended to require a C-minus grade for admission to secondary school and to spend more time on training. Currently, the minimum grade for admission is a D-plus.

The task force also wants to improve medical and housing benefits, decrease overcrowding in prisons, and grow the NYS program, which teaches young people important life and work skills.

Mr Ruto said the government will do all the things that were suggested, but it might take some time because they have to change some laws and policies.


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