Kenya senate speaker bashed for recognising Somaliland


The leader of Kenya’s senate is being accused of acknowledging that Somaliland is an independent country, even though that goes against Kenya’s official stance.

Tuesday, Speaker Amason Kingi posted on social media that he talked with Somaliland’s “ambassador to Kenya”.

He said they met to find new ways for our governments to work together.

Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Korir Sing’Oei, was one of the people who said that Mr. Kingi made a mistake by acknowledging the government of Somaliland in his post, which he later deleted.

Mr Sing’Oei said that Kenya’s foreign policy, like the African Union, only recognizes Somalia as a state.

“Somaliland is part of Somalia and has an office in Nairobi for doing business. ” “This place is not a embassy. ”

Some people think the speaker should not get involved in foreign policy because it’s not their job.

In 1991, Somaliland decided to break away from Somalia. However, other countries and organizations like the UN and African Union don’t officially consider it a separate country.


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