Kenyan court refuses to send police to Haiti


The Kenyan High Court stopped the government from sending police officers to help fight gangs in Haiti.

The judge said it would be against the law to send police officers out of Kenya because the National Security Council doesn’t have the power to do so.

He said that the council can only send soldiers to keep peace in places like Haiti.

Last year, Kenya agreed to lead a group of countries’ security force in Haiti to stop gangs from fighting.

Last year, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry requested the UN to quickly send a group of soldiers from different countries to help.

He said gangs control 80% of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and his government can’t handle it.

The UN Security Council supported Kenya‘s offer to lead the force and Kenyan lawmakers then approved the deployment.

Ekuru Aukot, a leader from the opposing side, said that this was a victory for Kenya. He added that the country cannot afford to send officers elsewhere before dealing with its security issues.

Mr Aukot said that President William Ruto was using the deployment to improve his image and get support from Western countries like the US.

President Ruto said Kenya has done a great job in helping keep peace in other countries.

He said that sending officers there would help them get better at keeping things safe.

Before the decision was made, a police officer told the media without giving their name that they had received two months of very focused training.

He said that the classes included learning how to use weapons, studying international laws, and understanding the land of Haiti.


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