Kenyan gospel singer Justina Syokau confesses resorting to adult movies to salvage failing marriage

Kenyan gospel singer Justina Syokau

Gospel singer Justina Syokau recently revealed details about her previous marriage, attributing its breakdown to issues of infidelity.

In an interview with Obinna, Syokau revealed that she quickly entered into her marriage after only a few months of dating her now ex-husband.

She emphasized that she lost her virginity shortly after the wedding, having entered the marriage as a virgin.

Justina openly addressed the struggles within her marriage, including her efforts to salvage it by watching and learning from adult films in a desperate attempt to to add excitement to their bedroom.

“Mimi p*rno ya kwanza kuwatch nimewatch nikiwa married, kwa nini? I watched to see maybe sijui style ju nimeokoka hii miaka yote. Maybe sijui style ya kumpea,” said the singer.

Loosely translated: (The first adult film I watched was while I was married, why? I watched to see, maybe, I don’t know a certain style because I’ve been saved all these years. Maybe, I don’t know a style to please him)

The singer said she found no solution in this approach, describing the adult content as unappealing and ineffective in addressing their issues.

“It was not even sweet. The way they were looking it was not even interesting. When you are married and you see infidelity in your marriage you usually think maybe humpei vizuri(you’re not pleasing him),” said Justina.

Domestic Abuse

In a past interview, the praise and worship singer also identified violence and disrespect as another reason for the dissolution of her marriage.

“Apart from constant beating, he often humiliated me in front of his family. He would disappear for days and leave me with no money for food. He always consulted his mother and followed her instructions. I had no voice in the family even though I was the wife,” she said as quoted by Standard.

Justina said the financial neglect and emotional humiliation she endured reached a breaking point that forced her to leave her home with her newborn child.

The aftermath of her departure presented challenges, including homelessness and health complications, and a lack of support from family.

“It was too much to bear. I had to leave my home. I was out in the cold with my two-week-old baby. Since I had delivered through cesarean, I could not walk for long distances. I had lost a lot of blood. I remember getting an infection on the streets,” said Justina.


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