Kenyan governor assists 14-year-old Burundian kidnapped


The governor of Kenya‘s capital, Nairobi, has contacted a 14-year-old Burundian boy who was harassed by county officials for selling peanuts on the street.

A video of a boy crying after county officials allegedly scattered peanuts on the street went viral Tuesday, drawing sympathy for the boy and anger from county officials.

This prompted a response from Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaya, who on Wednesday revealed that the boy was a Burundian minor who had been sold to Kenyan traffickers.

He added that he had held talks with the Burundian ambassador about the boy’s return to school.

However, he denied the allegations of molestation and said district officials did not allow the boy to sneak out after hours.

He added: “Unfortunately, when he was caught and police officers confiscated his belongings, the minor struggled to reach the bucket and the contents of the bucket spilled onto the ground after the handle broke.” Sakaya said she would work with the State Department to address child trafficking and illegal immigration.

Authorities have previously said that foreigners, including children and the disabled, are being brought to Kenya to work, often as beggars or traders.


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