Kenyan hospital performs first kidney transplant using minimum invasive techniques

Laparoscopic kidney transplants are yet to be widely adopted in African countries

Kenya’s largest hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, did a kidney transplant using a new type of surgery. It’s the first time a public hospital in Kenya did this kind of transplant.

Dickson Njoroge, who is 36 years old, got a new kidney from his cousin.

The surgery uses small cuts to take out and move the kidney, with help from special tools like computer-guided cameras that make things look bigger.

This is a new way of doing kidney transplants that does not need big cuts on the people giving or getting the kidney.

The hospital says that Kenyans don’t have to go to other countries anymore for the procedure.

Dr Charles Waihenya and Dr. Paul Njogu, the main doctors, said that the laparoscopic kidney transplant has many good things like less pain, less bleeding, faster healing, lower costs and better looks.

Kidney transplants using laparoscopic surgery are done a lot in many places, but they are not used very much in African countries because of problems with the hospitals and doctors.


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