Kenyan medicine recalled by Rwanda due to safety concerns


Rwanda health officials took back some antifungal pills from Kenya because they were worried about their safety.

The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (RFDA) told companies to send back all the Fluconazole 200mg tablets made by a company in Kenya.

It told all stores and health centers to stop giving out the drugs and to send them back to the companies that made them.

This happened after the authority told the Kenyan manufacturer that the tablets were changing color.

RFDA found that four large groups of pink Fluconazole 200mg tablets brought into the country turned white before they were used up.

The agency said that some bad tablet batches had been sold in Rwanda.

Health experts in Rwanda will look into the bad effects that the drug has had on people in Rwanda.

Kenyan officials have not said yet if the medication, used for fungal or yeast infections, will be taken off the shelves in local stores


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