Kenyan police ‘close to making arrests’ regarding the killing of UK soldier

Maj McCool's death has been described as a tragic loss

Kenyan officials are working with the UK government to look into the murder of a British soldier during a robbery last week.

A high-ranking police officer, who didn’t want to give their name, told the media that investigators from Britain and Kenya went to the place where the crime happened near Nairobi.

The team is “almost ready to catch people,” the officer said.

He said that Maj Kevin McCool was riding his motorcycle outside of the base when a group of gunmen attacked him.

A group of men followed and attacked him when he drove into Vet Farm, a popular hiking spot about 25 km (16 miles) from Nairobi.

The men asked for money and the phone. Then one of them took out a gun, according to the officer.

Maj McCool’s father said before that his son thought the gun wasn’t real.

People who saw it happen told the police that the soldier was quickly taken to the hospital, where doctors said he had died.

Grant Shapps, who is in charge of the military in Britain, said that Maj McCool’s death is very sad.

The British army has a place it always stays at just outside Nairobi. They go there to practice and get ready for missions.


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