Four students from Dr Krapf Boys Secondary School in Rabai Sub-County, Kilifi in Kenya are in police custody for burning a dormitory on Sunday evening

The students are part of 14 questioned by police in connection with the incident.

It is alleged that the students were protesting being denied permission to watching the match between English Premier league teams, Manchester United and Liverpool.

The fire consumed the 160-capacity dormitory, reducing students’ personal effects to ashes.

Confirming the incident, Rabai Sub-County Police Commander Fredrick Abuga said the suspects will be taken to court tomorrow.

He said the four students were directly involved in torching the dormitory.

“We conducted our investigations, questioning 14 students, but currently are holding four students whom we believe are the main culprits behind burning the dormitory,” he said.

Mr Abuga said the students are going to be charged with arson.

The Sub-County police commander said officers are seeking more learners said to be part of the group that planned the incident.

“We are still looking for two students…they escaped from school after the incident,” he said.

However, Mr Abuga said the police are going to court to seek more days to hold the suspects for investigations.

According to the school, the students are only allowed to watch television on Saturday.

“The school has its rules and regulations. They are only allowed to watch television on Saturday…and here they were demanding to watch the football match which was to be on a Sunday,” he said.

The police boss said only form one students were not involved in the rampage.

The school has been closed.

Chairperson of the school’s Board of Management (BoM), Dr John Jao, said the students will be back to school in the company of their parents.

Form One and Four students will report to school next Tuesday, while Forms Two and Three will come on Wednesday.

“All students must clear all term two school fees. We are going to conduct an evaluation of the cost of damage and inform parents of how much they will pay through SMS,” he said.

Dr Jao said the students were released to allow the school to prepare how to resume their boarding.

He noted that a majority now had no bedding and other essential items.

He also appealed to students to volunteer information that will lead to the arrest of the culprits.

The chairperson of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Mr Andrew Simba, said expressed his disappointment in the students for destroying school property.

“It is sad that parents are going to feel the pinch of the indiscipline of students,” he said.-Daily Monitor


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