Kenyan teachers want corporal punishment back

KENYAN teachers say corporal punishment should be returned to classrooms to allow them to be tougher on pupils.

Kenya outlawed corporal punishment in schools in 2001. The Children’s Act protects children from all forms of abuse.

But secondary school headteachers say the ban undermines their authority in schools.

“The policy on management of discipline is laborious and [makes it] difficult for any school or board of management to take any disciplinary measures,” said Kahi Indimuli, the head of headteachers association.

The headteachers are meeting this week for an annual conference and will discuss the rising unrest in schools.

Several government secondary schools were late last year set alight, with many of the incidents blamed on students.

In February, Education Minister George Magoha warned teachers against caning learners in schools, but had previously hinted at a change in policy to deal with rising cases of indiscipline in schools.

Credit: BBC


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