Kim Jong-un cries after telling North Korean women to have more babies


Kim Jong-un was very sad and asked women to have more babies so that North Korea can become stronger.

The leader wiped his eyes with a white handkerchief as he made a request during an event for mothers in Pyongyang over the weekend, saying the challenge is everyone’s responsibility to take care of.

He said: ‘We need to work together with our mothers to stop the decrease in the number of babies being born and to make sure children have good care and education. ‘

The UN says that as of 2023, the average number of children born to a woman in North Korea is 1. 8 This number has been decreasing over the past few decades.

The number is still bigger than in some other countries near North Korea. These countries are also having a problem with numbers going down.

South Korea has very few babies being born. This is because there are a lot of reasons that make people not want to have children, like it being hard to find a good job, schools being very competitive, not much help with taking care of children, and workplaces focusing on men and making it hard for women to have both a career and a family.

Some people believe that even though North Korea is very poor, the way its population is changing is like the changes in wealthy countries.

Ahn Kyung-su, who runs DPRKHEALTH. ORG, a website about health in North Korea, said: ‘In North Korea, many families don’t want to have more than one child because they know it costs a lot of money to raise kids, send them to school, and help them find jobs. ‘

Ahn, who has talked to lots of North Koreans who escaped their country, said that bringing in a lot of South Korean TV shows and movies over the last 20 years has probably made women in North Korea want fewer kids. These shows often show women with higher status, and that could be why.

North Korea is giving support to families with three or more children. They will get free housing, money from the government, free food, medicine and other things for their kids.

South Korea’s official data agency says that about 25. 7 million people live in North Korea.

The Hyundai institute report said that North Korea’s population is expected to get smaller from 2034. They predict that by 2070, the population will decrease to 23. 7

Ahn, the person in charge of the website, said that Kim Jong Un is probably showing up in public with his young daughter, Ju Ae, to encourage families.

Other experts said that the daughter’s public appearances were probably meant to show that she will take over her father’s business.

Pyongyang started birth control programs in the 1970s and 1980s to reduce the number of people being born after the war.

The number of babies being born in the country went down a lot after a famine in the mid-1990s. The famine is believed to have killed hundreds of thousands of people. This information comes from a report by the Hyundai Research Institute in Seoul, released in August.

A report from the institute said that North Korea might have trouble growing its manufacturing industry if it doesn’t have enough workers, because it doesn’t have a lot of resources or modern technology.


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