Two months after filing for divorce from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has found herself at the center of rumors that she is now dating CNN reporter Van Jones.

Kim and Van have been friends for years and fans are speculating that the pair could have turned their friendship into a romantic relationship as Kim is working on a four year law apprenticeship with Vans’s Oakland-based nonpartisan organization, #cut50.

Sources close to Kim have shot down dating rumors saying the pair shared interest in criminal justice reform and have a long working relationship together.

New York Post columnist Cindy Adams added more fuel to the rumors on Sunday as she said ‘he is do left’ and that ‘he maybe even influenced by her politics.’

“I will not wait while everybody tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about,” she added.

Meanwhile Twitter users are divided on the issue with many slamming Kim for trying to use Jones to further her career.

One users said, “People are gonna look at Kim as using Kanye to advance her in the fashion world and using Van Jones to help advance her into her net career field in law.”

Another user said, “If Kim Kardashian marries Van Jones I’m no longer doing this whole life thing. That will be too much for me.”

According to TMZ Kim is disturbed by the rumors and is not happy about the tweets.

Jones is also the CEO of the REFORM Alliance, an initiative founded by Jay Z and Meek Mill to overhaul the justice system. He recently ended a long marriage with his wife of 14 years, Jana Carter in 2014.

Kim is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings following seven years of marriage with billionaire rapper Kanye West though neither of them has publicly addressed the reports.

Sources close to them said they are in a good space and are good with each other and have made and arrangement to custody of their four children.


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