Kim’s daughter most likely to succeed him – South Korea


The South’s spy agency said that Kim Jong Un‘s young daughter is likely to take over as the leader of North Korea and has been with him at missile tests and military events.

This is the first time that the National Intelligence Service has recognized Kim Ju Ae as Mr. Kim’s successor

But, NIS is still thinking about “all options” in North Korea’s plan for who will take over after the current leader.

Miss Kim has been very visible in public since she first showed up at the end of 2022.

The NIS said that after looking at what people are doing and how much they respect Kim Ju Ae, she seems like the person most likely to take over.

“But we are watching for all options because Kim Jong Un is still young, healthy, and there are many things that can happen. ”

Miss Kim is said to be the second oldest child of the North Korean leader and is believed to be around 10 years old.

Kim Yung-ho, who is in charge of bringing North and South Korea together, said something similar about Mr Kim’s daughter at a meeting with reporters last month.

He said that people talking a lot about Kim Jong Un’s daughter shows that North Korea is trying to show who will take over as leader in the future, even though things are tough there.

People who watch North Korea have noticed that now they are calling Miss Kim a “respected” daughter instead of a “beloved” one. This change happened after her first public appearance in November 2022.

The word “respected” is only used for the most admired people in North Korea. Kim’s situation, he was called “respected comrade” only after it was certain he would be the future leader.

People in North Korea are taught that the Kims come from a special family and only they can be the leaders of the country. Kim wants to make sure he gives his position to the fourth generation.

Most recently, Miss Kim went with her father to see North Korea’s newest long-range missile, called the Hwasong-18. It is the most advanced missile they have right now.

She was with her father when the North launched its spy satellite into space last November. Pyongyang said that the Malligyong-1 would let Mr. Kim see the White House.

Experts believe that Mr. Kim is introducing his daughter, Miss Kim, to the public so that she can gain experience and credibility before leading in the future.

This could also be a way for Mr. Kim to change unfair beliefs in North Korea, which is a very male-dominated country that has never had a female leader.

In 2013, people first heard about Miss Kim when retired basketball player Dennis Rodman went to North Korea and caused a lot of talk.

Mr Rodman said he spent time with Mr. Kim’s family, relaxing by the ocean, and even held their baby.

The leader of North Korea keeps his family very private. He didn’t tell anyone about his wife, Ri Sol Ju, until some time after they got married.


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