Kitwe Teachers Leave Each Other With Bleeding Nostrils Over A Simple Joke



Two male teachers in the early hours of the morning today at Bulangililo Market of Kitwe left each other with bleeding nostrils after a fight that started like a simple joke.

The two teachers have been identified as Mr. Chiluba Joseph, a 43 year old and Elias Mulemwa 33 coming from the same station and department.

According to available information collected by one radio station that hunts for raw news fearing the burden of buying articles, two teachers,one in an extra large union golf T-shirt, were seen at Bulangililo Market in Kitwe as learners followed them behind making uncontrollable noise.

Mr. Chiluba, the school representative of a named union, was in the staffroom geared in the union golf T-shirt marking test papers with his loaned phone resting on a union diary when Mr Mulemwa walked in, he looked at his colleague sitting at the far end of the three legged staffroom table and passed demeaning remarks which ignited laughter in the staffroom.

“Our friends with their unions atleast your money is working, I can see the diary and the oversized t-shirt. I personally feel people getting these diaries are mentally unstable….”

Mr. Chiluba made use of his emotional intelligence and controlled himself but women were still laughing at him, his pen became heavy…

“You are selfish and unreasonable, these unions help you so much, fool..,” these were his words.

After being called a fool, Mr. Mulemwa lost it. He forgot about the age difference and gave the aging teacher a tight slap across the face.

From what seemed like a comic strip, the two gentlemen tore their pants as they continued challenging themselves to fists.

Mr. Mulemwa was overpowered by the die hard Union member. He jumped off the school fence and made his way towards the mosque hoping to find Muslim brothers for safety…

Mr. Chiluba was calmed down and taken back to the staffroom. However, when everyone thought this was over, Mr. Chiluba leaving his shoes in the staffrrom, he jumped the school fence too and chased after Mulemwa with a crowd of learners behind him shouting and chanting.

Within minutes, the two diplomats were spotted at Bulangililo Market exchanging punches. Fortunately, drivers and conductors who usually crowd this place came in to stop the fight.

Meanwhile, the news as disappointed head teachers who have since ordered some teachers to stop unnecessary debates about unions and grant.



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