Panji Kaunda

KK’s funeral programme yet to be finalized – Panji

The family of founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda says it is still discussing with the Government over the proposed funeral programme.

Dr. Kaunda’s eldest son Col. Panji Kaunda said his family will be flexible when coming up with the final funeral programme.

‘We are still discussing because there are various issues to consider. Sometimes decisions are made in a heat of a moment but after reflections you see the pros and cons of those decisions,’ Col. Kaunda has told journalists in Lusaka.

There is a plan that Dr Kaunda’s body be taken to all the ten provinces.

‘So we have gone back to the government with some points forward and they are going to respond to us. We are waiting for them to respond to us,’ he said.

‘You see whenever you are discussing issues you don’t have to be rigid. You have to give and take,’ Col. Kaunda added.

Dr Kaunda died last Thursday in Lusaka aged 97.


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