Kola Foundation distractive to National Unity


Kola Foundation distractive to National Unity.

By Praise Ntanzi Simengwa

The gathering of the Kola Foundation or indeed any gathering with such an agenda is not supposed to be encouraged ,they are in a way suggestive of regionalism and in someway segregative.

The benchmark to being a Zambian is by citizenship in which a criteria is set up under the statutes of this great nation .

Holders of Zambian birth certificates ,nation registration cards and passports hold the right to be a bigger voice of this country regardless of ethnicity, creed, tribe or colour .

Attempting to hold such meeting other than for purposes of cultural celebrations ,memorials of traditions and honours should be deemed as undermining the decision of Zambianism and is tantamount to inciting segregation and a call to Federalism.

To me the agenda looks malicious and poised to indicate political undertones and should not be encouraged at all costs.

Cabinet appointments and many other appointments are a preserve of the appointing authority and in so doing the first qualification is citizenship, then the rest follows .
Whoever sees anything other than citizenship should have no seat at the table of harmony. They are distractive and their DNA of reasons cannot mushroom any aorta of peace and reconciliation .

Ntazi Simengwa 2023


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