Kondwani Nankhumwa questions Chakwera on sending 750 Soldiers on a peacekeeping mission under SADC


LILONGWE (Maravipost) Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa has asked Chakwera tonse government to explain the allegation that Malawi is about to send 750 Soldiers on a Peacekeeping Mission to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)under SADC.

Making his sine die remarks on 8th December,2023, Nankhumwa said Section 161 (7,8,9) of Malawi Constitution demands that whenever. Malawi Government wants to send its troops on a peacekeeping mission

mission the President of the Republic must Inform the National Assembly promptly and in appropriate detail within 7 days and declare state of national defence.

Nankhumwa said the group that is already in DRC. went under the UN resolution in 2013, and that the Malawi Leader that time did the needful.

He said Malawi cannot afford to send our Children to a Peacekeeping exercise where their lives shall be at risk just because they are not fully equipped.

He further said Chakwera and the Tonse government to embrace constructive criticism and engage in robust dialogue to address issues affecting our nation.

” As we navigate these tough economic times, it is critical that we also explore new ways of doing things rather than clinging to outdated economic principles that would only throw us into further. economic problems,” said Nankhumwa.

In his remark’s leader of the house , Chimwendo Banda said it was already done in parliament and it is a continuation of the process regardless of who is sending the soldiers.

Chimwendo said, government does it is work continuously, and they are no exceptional Parliament has raised to sine die after the house passed a midyear budget review of 4.39 trillion


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