Koswe’s Response To Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba



By Rick Nchito(Koswe)

At the rate at which we are going, President Hakainde Hichilema will do his two full terms without any serious challenges.

Clearly, there is no opposition in Zambia at the moment. All we are seeing are just bitter, ignorant jealous tribalists who can’t believe it that the person they said he will never rule Zambia is now occupying the highest office.

With the democratic space he has given them, opposition in Zambia were supposed to be providing real checks and balances including providing alternative solutions to what they think the UPND government is not doing right but alas, kuli manyengwe yeka yeka.

One example to show that there is no opposition in Zambia: PF left a huge debt mountain which the UPND administration is trying hard to resolve and clear.

Have you ever heard of any opposition leader giving an alternative solution to the debt issue on how they would want to resolve the PF debt?

HH and the UPND government have done everything possible to reach out to all creditors and soon the PF debt problem will be the thing of the past, though its effect is still being felt on the Zambia economy.

Instead of focusing on real issues, ba opposition are just preoccupied with just removing him from office at all cost because they feel he comes from a wrong place.

Without doubt, what HH has done for Zambia in 2 years and a few months is by way far too much and progressive than what Lungu did in 7 years.

Numbers and records are there to show. Employment of teachers, health personnel, agricultural officers, ZAF, Police, Zambia Army, Prisons, ZNS and Immigration.

HH has managed to restore the rule of law and he has restored sanity in markets and bus stations. He has ended cadrism. He has managed to pay all retirees in Zambia. He is now giving Zambian workers an opportunity to even get their 20% NAPSA partial withdrawal: very progressive.

He has managed to sign the Access to Information Bill into law, something which the PF were scared to do.

Immediately, he was given the mandate by Zambians in 2021, he removed the Defamation of the President law so that Zambians can say whatever they want to say about him as they exercise their freedom of expression: something PF and Lungu were scared to do.

What else has he done in 2 years, he has increased CDF from K1 million to now K30 million and that money is payable to all councils at the same time: something which never happened in PF.

What else has he done in two years, he has introduced FREE EDUCATION from Grade 1 to Grade 12. What else has he done, he has increased the number of college and university beneficiaries and put them on government bursaries. And he has reintroduced meal allowances which PF through Lungu and Nkandu Luo had scrapped off.

What else has HH done in two years, he has embarked on constructing modern Chief’s palaces across the country. The program which is currently underway.

The list is endless.

Is there an alternative to these things we have mentioned above?

What are we getting from the opposition: HH has built a Helipad at his Community House. Come on!

To start with, what is a Helipad? Isn’t a Helipad just a concrete slab where a Helicopter can land?

To an ignorant tribalist like Emmanuel Mwamba, HH having a Helipad at his Community House is a big issue which must lead to him being removed from the Presidency.

Emmanuel Mwamba, that Helipad is just a concrete slab which anyone can build including yourself if you stop investing your money in prostitution and alcohol.

Also take note that that Helipad has always been there even before HH became President. You were in Ethiopian and South African brothels with prostitutes during opposition days when Helicopters could land at Community House.

If he managed to build that Community House, how can he fail to put up just a concrete slab where a Helicopter can land?

Your thinking is worrying. We now understand why your wife had to be impregnated by that Director at Cabinet Office and leave you to raise your so-called last born. We challenge you to go for DNA and prove us wrong that that child is yours.

We will wait to see the results…



  1. On such indiyo is no where to be seen, his one of those calling for HHs removal without alternative but with lungu, the debt man. Indiyio!!!!!

  2. This Koswe article is full of lies. Firstly It’s a pity the tribalists are being allowed to hijack UPND’s election victory by labeling everyone in opposition as tribalists. Thus everyone indulging in politics in Zambia is forced to mind his tribe. Zambia is being alarmingly tribalised. Ati HH immediately dropped presidential defamation? Do we live in the same country? HH was hanging on to this legislation and sending to prison anyone who opposed him. He sent more citizens to prison for defamation than Lungu or Sata or Banda Even Chiluba. HH is still hanging on to many vestiges of dictatorship and showing no good intentions for democracy. We can all see that HH is bound to leave Zambia more divided than any other president

    • You need a mental checkup. Who has been jailed for defaming HH. Some people have been jailed during HHs time for defaming Lungu. Serial liers like Mwamba deserve the kind of Koswe response to put them to check

    • The response is stupid. It’s not journalism but cantankerism. Writing aimed solely at embarrassing someone not at the truth.

  3. If anyone deserves a mental check up its u sir Mr Kubeja.
    I can cite off the cuff cases: Andsen Zulu of Evelyn Hone is in jail for defaming HH in 2022. Danny Kapambwe and Justine Chimpinde in Chienge district are serving sentence for defaming Hakainde in 2022
    Also charged have been Sean Tembo, Fred Mmembe Saboi imboela etc etc Nowadays if you defame HH the police will hunt every chapter of the penal code to charge you with something and our leadership seems to be encouraging them in looking for a substitute. We opted for democracy to have the free speech that Koswe is abusing.
    On the contrary Sata, Chiluba Mwanawasa or Banda didn’t jail anyone for defamation


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