The Kuta has summoned all the indunas and chiefs in Western Province to Mongu for deliberations, following the raging debate in the country after President Hakainde Hichilema said that there is no country called Barotseland.

And the Ngambela (prime minister) of the Barotse Royal Establishment, Mukela Manyando, has confirmed ongoing meetings in the Province to Daily Revelation, but said he could only divulge details of the discussions after the deliberations were over.

Well-placed sources have told Daily Revelation that the recent statement by President Hichilema did not sit well with…https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/kuta-summons-chiefs-indunas-over-barotse-2/


  1. That is a mature way of handling issues. It is my hope, without premptying anything that the resolution will show that there is nothing practical to benefited from the agitiation that the said “Reblerouser” are suggesting.
    The seccesion is not practically feasible. The said Baroestland extends beyond Zambian borders were those countries signatories to this agreement?
    That if its so resolved that no seccesion goes ahead how will the Royal establishment deal with those claiming to speak on its behalf be dealt with, cause here we are the litunga isnt shouting and making demands at the head of state but rather listening to the positions of chiefs, headmen and ngambelas who have the authority to speak for the people as opposed to these “associations” who claim to speqk for the establishment.

  2. Why tolerate all this nonsense of the Kuta, etc. It’s all bollocks and serves to assuage that Chief Litinga of theirs. Of he is going to behave childishly then why should Govt respect him?
    We cannot be accommodating petty Chiefdom govts within Big Govts. Let there be something sensible coming out of that Kuta otherwise Govt should decively abolish the ka Kuta!
    Special treatment for the Lozis is not on the menu. They can go to Britain if that’s what they want. They have been making too much noise about their Barotse as other Zambians dont have their homelands.

    • Lets hear what comes out his discussion with his chiefs, headmen and ngambelas. I can sure your it will no be what these associations that claim to speak for him are suggesting.
      Then we will put their outcomes to the test….
      If they still want their Barosteland.

      Do you think HH just went to view animals at that Game Park in Bostwana?
      Sishuwa, Mwamba and Mmembe and their views are devoid of critical thought.

    • Lubosi the ka Litunga thinks he is more clever than these other chiefs. He is the one sponsoring the junkies in his Sand Province to be insulting others and Govt on cessation.
      What kind of a chief would tolerate such mischief in their backyard? Just because he is quiet does not mean he is innocent. That old man is the one bankrolling the stupidity in our country
      Bring it on and we will do the honourable thing of banning and throwing him out together with his Kuta, like they did in Uganda and Tanzania.

  3. To advance their evil imperial empire (which was meant to dominate and loot the african people), the British administration carefully installed selected local chiefs under a program of indirect rule through the local oligarchy, creating a network of british-controlled civil service. The african chiefs, under these protectorates, were first enticed with basic goods/materials, then made to sign unreasonable concessions while being promised protection and finally used as puppets to help advance imperial motives. This is what the Litunga and his supporters and some of our lozi brothers and sisters want to be proud of today. Being proud to be TRAITORS and SELLOUTS. We will fight imperialist motives from the past, the present and those in future.


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