Kwacha Constituency residents miss Malanji

Joseph Malanji

Kwacha Constituency residents miss Malanji

WE are missing Joe Malanji because he was a man of his words and delivered on his campaign promises and could use personal resources to come up with various initiatives, including empowerment of youths and women, Kwacha Constituency residents have charged.

The irate residents of Ipusukilo compound, among them women and youths, said when Mr Malanji was the area Member of Parliament (MP), he had a systematic way of running the Constituency because he could initiate capital projects and


  1. Bonanza was stealing and sharing, If indeed he was a philanthropist he would have continued feeding you lazy boned mushanina bwalis

  2. There is nothing to stop Mr. Malanji extending a helping hand to the same people who miss him. The fact is Mr. Malanji’s brook has dried up. The hole has been plugged. Same with Mr. Lusambo in Kabushi constituency.

    What people must understand is that these “generous” individuals were helping themselves to public funds which they then “donated” to the tantameni crowd. Otherwise if they were such astitute businessmen, they would have continued with their generosity.

    Why should it be the responsilitty of the MP to fund projects in his constituency using personal wealth? We must move away from this ridiculous “Big Man” dependency syndrome.

  3. What glory is there in eating stolen money? God does not bless such monies, the giver, the recipients and the money itself are cursed together.


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