Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Joe Malanji


COPPERBELT Agenda for Human Development interim secretary Maynard Monta says since the PF came into power in 2011, development has been a source of concern countrywide.

Monta, a resident of Kwacha in Kitwe, said the constituency has never received any development.

“Development is seen outside Kwacha Constituency. In 2011 during the term of honourable Mutale Boniface, at least we are pointing at the Kafue Bridge linking Riverside and Kakolo. But from 2016 to date, we have seen the careless and wasteful part of this government where plundering of national resources is concerned,” he said in a statement. “Can someone tell us where the money flashed on people comes from? The lawmaker in our constituency is now called ‘Bonanza’, a money-dispensing machine. Bonanza! As they shout money flies in the air like flies, causing public disturbance behind. This was witnessed also at Nakadoli Lay-by when honourable Bowman Lusambo passed, throwing a bunch of K100 notes on the road and the people ran to collect the money on the road.”

He charged that current member of parliament Joe Malanji was busy buying chickens at funerals and providing transport instead of supplementing medicines in clinics.

“My question is, how were people managing their funerals before his term in office? …soon ‘sonta apo wabomba’ is coming and we expect him to point where he was standing while flashing money and point the house where he took chickens to during the funerals,” said Monta. “Old Kwacha, a township with pit latrines now 56 years [after independence]- doesn’t it pain the law maker? The MP has never called a meeting to meet people who elected him into office from 2016 but just passes as usual in secret.”


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