Late bishop’s family seeks help to care for hundreds of his orphans

THE family of Zion Church bishop Milius Simutwe of Choma, who died, leaving 32 wives, 420 children and 1, 300 grandchildren, is appealing for assistance from government and well-wishers to fend for them.

Bishop Simutwe, 68, is said to have possessed a gift of healing people spiritually and he had branches in Choma, Kalomo, Zimba and Livingstone.

His farmer in Choma houses over 700 people, with some church members opting to camp there (at the farm house) pending healing or seeking financial help.

A family administrator, who is also Bishop Simutwe’s second born son, Tatinai Simutwe, said in an interview yesterday that the household needs support because 16 wives have children under the age of three months.

“Some of the wives are pregnant and we have many church members living with us who were depending on my father for survival,” said Tatinai.

My father was a strong man and he managed to take care of everyone very well. I can say I will try my best to take care of the family, but it is too big. So, I need support.”

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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