Latest Alleged Kakubo Corruption: My Take- Sinkamba

Peter Sinkamba

Sinkamba Peter Writes:


Social media is today awash with a story that PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has summoned his Foreign Affairs and International Relations Minister, Stanley Kakubo to explain the allegations leveled against him over the money he collected from a Chinese Mining firm.

According to sources close to Kakubo’s activities, President Hichilema is broken over the video circulating on social media of Kakubo getting money from a Chinese.

It is alleged that Kakubo also collected a Mercedes Benz X Class ADE6952ZM as part of the payment amounting to $200,00o for a transaction involving his company sale of its mining interests in a named company.

The transaction papers are not on a headed letter but merely some pages appearing to have been torn from a notebook. It is not clear whether the transaction was later perfected using official company documents. It is also not clear whether the company truly belonged to Kakubo or not. Further, it clear whether the Chinese in question has since taken over Kakubo’s interests in the mine or was conned. Lastly, it not clear whether the transaction has been reported to any law enforcement agency by the Chinese is question.

Under the circumstances, it can not be deduced authoritatively that Kakubo committed a crime or not.

However, if indeed owns a company that Kakubo genuinely posseses mining interest for sale, and indeed sold to the Chinese in question, I do not think that there is a corruption issue. I also do not think that Kakubo breached the Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct.

Perhaps, if the paperwork displayed was not formalised, and appropriate tax obligations paid per statutory requirements, then the notorious proceeds of crime provisions can be triggered.

Like I indicated in my previous posts, alizednot conned by Kakubo, Zambians, whether ordinary or in leadership need to be entrepreneurs within the provisions of the law. And should be encouraged to do so by everyone of us.

It is so disheartening to not that today, there are more millionaires and billionaires in Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC, than we do in Zambia. In fact, there is not even on billionaire in Zambia. Yet, in 1970s and 1980s, none of these countries could be compared to Zambia in terms of millionaire, all because of our petty jealousies, also known as Pull Him/Her Down (PHD).

Since 1991, the thrust of successive governments has been to implement the repugnant PHD policy. Almost all millionaires that we had, had their wealth grabbed or deliberately annihilated using State agencies, and wield of sheer political power. Today, we are a shadow of ourselves in terms of millionaires.

My heart bleeds when I see colleagues like Joseph Malanji subjected to the notorious proceeds of crime.


  1. Public office demand exemplary behaviour. Any hint of impropriety compromises the office held.
    While there may have entered into what seems to be a ligitimate business transaction. The fact there is a dispute, may imply undue influence on Kakubo’s part. Whether impriproiety or not, the perception affects the state office and the office bearer.
    Hence the term “above board”. In Zambia most transactions on a large scale are “wako ni wako” they happen in certain circles. Its those certain circles that leads them to be questionable. Taxes are not properly paid, cause these raise flags, and kasumfing (as Bally calls it) happens. So bwana are our millionaires trully millionaries or its a clique colluding to share the “spoils”?
    From a moral and ethical point of you, Kakubo rightly resigned. ACC from the documents and statement that Chinese lawyer suggests, may clear Kakubo. But lets remember two things.
    Kakubo’s conduct brings the name of the givernment into disrepute (and this is the second time). The appearance of impropriety leads us to question his character and ability to conduct state business on behalf of the Zambian people. Let remember the recent the example the German Ambasador recently set. Wherein their laws, they can not even recieve gifts. This is deliberate so that the mere perception of impropriety is avioded and one is seen to conduct themselves above board. This is a leaf on morals and ethics that we too often take lightly, but we are now plagued with issues of corruption and the question as how we should deal with them.
    Leadership code under KK was only one tool, we should at the time gone further. A person recently suggested that PCC in Kabwe was another. A place where morals were taught formally so that we were all on the same page.
    Lets remember corruption is about perception. The perception of impropriety. Kakubo’s conduct lands smack in that place. His conduct was not above board.
    Muchima and his uncouth reckless utterances is another. His unrepentant behaviour skirts on the edge, I would resign if I was him as well. Discrimination is grounds for a suit. Our lawyers are sleeping.

  2. So Mr. Sinkamba will allow people to become excessively rich by any means ?Because many people are extremely rich in other countries does not justify corruption in Zambia.I have reservation for you as an opposition party leader with such perception on Kakubo issue.There is nothing wrong according to you ,coz you believe iz is PHD ?It is absurd to say the least…..from Berlin

  3. According to Mr. Sinkamba, the end justifies the means! All he is concerned about is having lots of millionaires.

    Mr. Sinkamba, the big issue is that our “businessmen” exhibit exceptional talent only when they get into government, for instance Mr. Lusambo. They have no track record of growing their businesses! And you want us not to question that?

    Or is it that the government is such a generous employer that they pay to produce millionaires?


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