…..Kambwili has on several occasions announced that he was an extremely wealthy person.

Laura MITI writes…

It’s sad to hear that Mr Chishimba Kambwili is unwell. Quick recovery to him.

In announcing the illness, Mr Miles Sampa lets the nation know that he prevailed upon President Hichilema to evacuate Mr Kambwili to India, for medical attention.

My question to both Mr Sampa and the President is – what criteria determines that Mr Kambwili should jump the very long queue of people that need medical evacuation, by use of tax payer resources?

This, especially that Mr Kambwili has announced so many times that he is an extremely wealthy man. One that can surely afford his medical bills anywhere in the world.

I don’t know, but this sounds like politics to me. Both Mr Sampa and the President trying to show that they are bigger men in the political battles they wrangle in.

This, unfortunately, at the expense of some ordinary person who has been waiting for years for evacuation. Nay, while people die and are buried while waiting.

As for our own medical facilities – ungaleme kufunsa.


  1. Now for once Ms Miti has made an objective observation. Posing a question, instead of dogma like Sean Tembo; as “food for thought”. A check and balance. I wish Mwamba could pick a leaf.
    Ba Kateka aka El Presidente kamuhila mubuho nguyu. Kambwili claims to be wealth man, he can afford to pay his hospital bills more so abroad. Thegovernment could have allowed for treatment abroad as in the case of Bishop Milingo.
    Let’s have a clear response from the Minister of Health on the issue. What happened when and how?

  2. It’s a matter of simple name-recognition. The decision-makers were able to put a face to the name of the person on whose behalf some had interceded with HH.

    • That should not be the basis for selection for medical treatment abroad.
      If he paying, say so. If he is using state resources, then there is a problem. Why him and not the many others on the list. Are they less human than Kambwili who can afford to pay his way?

  3. Like always I seem not to agree with madam laura and even now she’s questioning instead of taking a strong real position on this. If President HH7 and his friends have decided that this Mwine Chisushi should be sent for some treatment abroad, its fine but not using tax payers moner PERIOD!!!

  4. What Laura is saying is that there is need for a set down criteria for medical evacuation. Other wise it becomes discriminatory only favoring the rich elite. I think she has a valid point.

  5. Laura, Laura, Laura, how many times have I called you? Amama! Mwafunsa bwino. Here is the case of two rich people supporting each other using what is not theirs.

  6. Kusiyana kwama levels!
    If CK were to perish in prison, being a political “animal” with a large following, the same Laura would be asking the opposite questions!
    Why didn’t they evacuate CK?
    The New Dawn wanted him to perish in prison, etc.
    The impact of evacuating CK on the peace of the nation is greater than the evacuation of a little known me!
    It was a wise move by the president to use this opportunity to send a strong message especially to the type of politicians like ECL and gang who think politics is only politics through violence and name-calling! The days for that type of divisive politics is gone!

    Kudos to President HH7 for this magnanimous gesture and to CK and family for accepting this noble gesture!
    Zambians should start shunning politicians who don’t preach peace, especially those who hypocritically preach people but their language is that of violence and war!
    Zambia has many problems but it’s a temporary setback we are going to overcome through unity of purpose!
    We are not asking for an Angel to be our president but we are happy to have a president who is committed to promoting peace and resolving the Economic mess created by the Debt Mess!
    We are on the right track at the moment!
    Our appeal to all current leaders is to remain humble and focused on turning this country around!
    Don’t get distracted by noise makers and empty tins!
    Put your foot down and clamp down on any indiscipline and Lawlessness!
    Without Discipline, a society can achieve nothing!
    Munthu aline zabwino!

    • Pls you miss the point. Why CK when there others more needy? Did Bishop Milingo need permission to go for his medical treatment or he just stood up and left. We only knew about because of the immigration spat. What is nor clear here who is paying for this medical treatment? Is this the same manner Kaisar Zulu duped the state?
      If Kambwili is using state resources, why has he jumped the line? There is a line. What is so special about him. Whether, as reported Gray Nkombo or Miles Sampa spoke to the powers that be. Let us know. Kambwili is only one of the 18 milion people, what is so special. How many people have died in Zambia without a special hand intervening. What is so special about Kambwili. He is in prison because he broke the law. How many others are in prison?
      Kambwili acts like he is untouchable. Beyond the reach of the law. Unless we stop this culture there will be abuse of office and those connected to higher office will abuse it and break laws setting about the haves and have nots class.
      If Kambwili is paying for his own treatment, let the state be clear about it.
      And that he is not a flight risk. Kambwili and his utterances is what landed him in jail. He broke the law, Laura is just asking a valid question. Who is Kambwili to jump the line?

  7. Damn… UPND and HH will be a one term government…..I did not vote for UPND to use my taxes to pay for this tribalistic with hate speech baboon…
    Kalaba for president

  8. With all his money ….. Why didn’t he get a healthy Insurance cover somewhere…
    I feel its a not fare for govt to spend public funds like that… Noooooh


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