Laura Miti writes
So, What Now Dora??

Minister Dora Silya, have you heard that PF thugs attacked ISO FM radio station in Isoka and damaged property?

Reason – the station was broadcasting an HH interview.

This happens less than 24 hours after your little damage control PR statement that tried, unconvincingly, to suggest that thuggery and lawlessness are not in the PF DNA.

But lawlessness is PF, isn’t it? Everyone in PF is either a thug or actively supports thuggery and lawlessness. EVERYONE!

It is the only PF way.

You closed Prime TV for no reason other that you feared the presence of a platform for citizen voice that PF does control. You closed them most likely because of Bill 10 and 2021.

Look now, your party thugs read the memo. Do you see how you have no control over them?

The only thing that makes you Minister or indeed Edgar Lungu President are your privileges at tax payer expense. Other wise you have no authority as those hooligans in Isoka have shown.

So, tell us again that these thugs are not sent by the party. We are waiting!

Gosh Dora, you and your mates have destroyed our beautiful Zambia just because you are obsessed with power.

You have no idea how this hurts those of us that love this oddly shaped land mass and all that is hers😢.

Laura Miti.

Yotam Mtayachalo writes

This is a very sad state of affairs and it is coming barely a day when the minister of information issued a statement condemning the mpika and Chinsali incidences but cadres cannot heed the wise counsel from their leaders then who are they going to listen to.?

I have just been speaking to someone in Isoka and people are extremely disappointed with the behaviour of these cadres therefore the sooner the party deals with this matter expeditiously and decisively than later because the party’s image is at stake typical of the behaviour of unip vigilantes who ran a reign of terror against people who were perceived as enemies of the state.

In fact the provincial chairman for muchinga province must be held responsible for such unbecoming conduct because he is on record stating that muchinga is a no go area for the opposition and as such we shall see what action the party will take to being to book these culprits in regard to the latest Isoka incident.


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