Laura Miti wrote…

The PF 2021 Campaign

In the 2015/16 elections, the EL campaign team used these selling points:

1. He is humble. (Posters of candidate with clasped hands and lowered gaze.)
2. He is a dedicated born again Christian. (Candidate seen in various churches Sunday after Sunday.)

Since then, the President has managed to impressively debunk those claims, making them unavailable for the next election.

So in 2021 then, the PF campaign will have to be about EL’s actual performance as president.

So let’s see how that is sitting:

1. Economy – dead in the water.

2. Poverty and unemployment – through the roof. Gosh Zambians are hungry and life is tough.

3. Corruption – this administration deserves a medal on the extent to which both the fact and perception of corruption have grown in Zambia, since it took office.

4.Debt – Another award winning negative performance. The country is broke and no one can say where borrowed money went.

5. Governance – Terrible. Real strides towards dictatorship. Bill 10, closure of media houses, arrests of journalists, activists and critics of the President – even little boys; prevention of citizen gatherings, abuse and arming of the police, stunning levels of fear in the civil service, firing of individuals “in public interest.”

3. Leadership qualities – near nonexistent. President Lungu is consistently absent in and out of crisis. Then there are too many mini presidents in his team making it clear there is no real leader.

4. Unity – Tribalism and division actively pushed by ruling party and Ministers.

5. Feel good factor – terrible! Zambians are by turns worried, embarrassed, unhappy, confused, shocked, despondent, helpless.

Anyhow, question (asked before) is why is the PF insisting on running with EL in the next election🤷🏽‍♀️?
I mean why would you try so hard to sell an unsellable candidate? The PF is so sure EL can’t win fairly they have gone so far as implementing nationally injurious acts like Bill 10 and the closure of Prime TV, which only serve to make the party more unpopular.

Why not just lose EL???


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