Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Athens, Greece, to Rome Dec. 6, 2021. The pope was concluding a five-day visit to Cyprus and Greece. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)


About the Pope Francis’ eyepopping announcement on same sex marriage, this is my reaction.

My thoughts about same sex relationships have changed over time. In my younger years,
they were informed by evangelical Christianity that said being gay was, first of all, the worst of sins, and then, secondly, a curable choice.

Down the years, reading and, especially, meeting gay people willing to answer my invasive, maybe, but honest questions, my understanding changed significantly. I came to know that sexual orientation is no more a choice than one’s shoe size.

While I still cannot wrap my head around the practicalities of gay sex, I have come to think that punishing someone for something they did not choose is as good as punishing other abnormalities like blindness or even genius. All human functions, including sexuality, have the norm, and then variances that affect a small minority. Some variations, like psychopathy, are harmful to others, so we try to prevent or punish them. Consensual gay sex hurts no one so

Does my saying that mean I am of the view that Zambia should legalise same sex unions – no. The country is not even half ready for it. I just think PRIVATE gay sex should not be punished or criminalised. We should accept that what people do consensually, where we cannot see, is not out our business. We need to stop distressing ourselves by imagining how it happens.

Now to the Pope.

I don’t understand his thinking. You see, my sense is you cannot claim to be a follower of the Judeo-Christian God, and His Bible, and then go against one of His fundamental edicts.

The point is, there is no reading of the Bible that allows one to make the Christian God accept gay sex.

My view, and this has never changed, is that it is OK for clergy persons to change their minds on this matter, and be convinced that vilifying gay sex, as their religion demands, is wrong.

What defies logic is to want to do so in a Christian church. It just does not work. You might as well try to say there are many gods, and Jehovah is OK with that.

So, my sense is that the Pope, and others like him, who have changed their mind on same sex relationships, need to start a new religion, rather than rewrite the very foundations of the faith they have so far held.

Just like you cannot be a Muslim Imam and say you have decided eating pork is alright with Allah, you cannot unilaterally make the Christian God stomach homosexuality.


  1. Worry not Laura.

    The president has ensured equal rights for all citizens and LGBT rights are fully protected. That is why we see many coming out since 2021, and they are free to live their lives.

    One Zambia, one nation.

  2. Ba Laura naimwe. Would you consider gay sex between an adult male and a male juvenile who engages into such out of material want consensual? Is this not a case of a male juvenile being forced into gay sex owing to economic circumstances?

  3. In addition, Laura, if you cannot say it is not consensual that a male juvenile would enter into gay sex with an adult male out of material want, would you then say this is natural? Of course, we can talk about socio-economic determination in this case but does this carry with it the necessity of natural determination?

  4. This Pope has lost his nuts and what he has done is an affront to the teachings of Christ.
    Christianity in the West is on track for oblivion and the devil has won.

  5. It’s not a secret, the Celibate Church is plagued by Sodomy, pedophilia and rape of nuns!
    He has done it out of internal pressure, to legalize Abominations!
    The Church has no power to redefine what Sin is!
    This act is open rebellion that brings Brimstone close and nigh!
    It will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah than for Vatican!

  6. God is not a Democrat remember that what he has said is and will remain unless he himself changes that word.
    So auntie laura I respect you and admire you but let’s leave God to decide.


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