Chawama Member of Parliament Lawrence Sichalwe has asked PF Members who have not been adopted to support those that have been picked to represent the party at parliamentary level.

Mr. Sichalwe says the party can only pick one person at a time to stand as a member of Parliament.

He says he will personally ensure that Tasila Lungu wins the Chawama Parliamentary seat.

Mr. Sichalwe says the party is bigger than individuals hence the need for those who have not been adopted to campaign for the President and other candidates.

He says having risen from councillor to area Member of Parliament he understands the need to remain loyal to the party even when one is not adopted.

Mr. Sichalwe says he has no plans to leave the PF or denounce the decision of the Central Committee.

He told ZNBC that there is no need to hold grudges but work together to ensure that the PF retains power.


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