Leading Israeli military officer confronts Netanyahu on Gaza policy


A key figure in Israel’s military leadership is alleging that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not accurately portraying the country’s objectives in Gaza.

Gadi Eisenkot, whose son died in Gaza, said people who want to completely defeat Hamas are not telling the truth. This comes after Mr Netanyahu said the US proposal for a future Palestinian state is not good and the fighting will continue until they win completely.

The former general said that Mr Netanyahu is partly to blame for not keeping the country safe on 7 October. He thinks there should be new elections because people don’t trust the current leaders.

Hamas attacked southern Israel and killed about 1,300 people. They also took 240 hostages.

There is disagreement among the government leaders, as the prime minister and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant are not talking to each other. This is happening while Israel is having more and more problems with its Western allies.

After Netanyahu talked about the Palestinian state, John Kirby, who works for the White House, said that the United States and Israel have different views on the issue.

Mr Kirby said that we can’t solve Israel’s security problems without a Palestinian state.

But it’s not surprising that Mr. Netanyahu said what he did.

Throughout his career, he has opposed the idea of a Palestinian state and recently said that he was proud to have stopped it from happening.

The Biden Administration is facing criticism again, which will make people feel like he is becoming more and more isolated from other countries. The number of deaths in Gaza is getting close to 25,000, according to the health ministry run by Hamas.

The US has tried many times to change the way Israel fights in this war. They want Israel to use more precise attacks in Gaza instead of just bombing everything. They also want Israel to hold off on sending troops into Gaza or to not do it at all. The US also wants to talk about having two separate countries – Israel and a future Palestine. The Palestinian Authority would also have a say in this.

Mr Netanyahu often says no to requests from US officials in meetings, which makes some Americans more frustrated with President Biden’s strong support for Israel.

Israel’s friends want to bring back the two-state plan in the hope of making peace, despite all the death in the conflict.

Mr Netanyahu wants something different than what he seems to be saying. He probably wants a position that would be more in line with Donald Trump’s future administration. He may have said this to give his supporters in the US something to be excited about during an election year.

In Israel, the prime minister, who is not liked by many people, is relying more on the far-right to support his government.

A new survey showed that only 15% of Israelis want him to stay in his job after the war.

Most Israelis still want to use the army against Hamas, but now more people want to focus on getting the remaining hostages back instead of trying to completely destroy Hamas.

His recent remarks about a future Palestinian state also show that he does not support Arab efforts to help solve the conflict.

Saudi Arabia offered him the chance to make peace with Israel and reach a deal that would create two separate states.

Israel’s leader has put all his effort into staying in power by taking a tough stance against the Palestinian people.

He can no longer pretend to be very good at keeping people safe after the worst attacks in Israel’s history happened while he was in charge.

Now it’s “Mr No Independent Palestine”: he thinks this matches how the public feels. They are not happy with their prime minister and are too upset to think about having a Palestinian state nearby.


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