Leaked Audio, Not Mine – Miles Sampa’s Lawyer Joseph Chirwa

Joseph Chirwa


An audio has leaked, purportedly of Miles Sampa’s lawyer, Joseph Chirwa. The audio that is making the rounds on social media has also been attached to this post.

However, Lusaka Lawyer Joseph Chirwa has described the leaked audio purported to be his as an act calculated to sabotage his candidature ahead of the forthcoming LAZ elective annual general meeting.

Counsel Chirwa said the people behind the audio are not happy because he is representing PF faction leaders Miles Sampa and Robert Chabinga.

Speaking through his campaign manager for the LAZ Council Member position, Lovemore Kabwata, Mr. Chirwa says the audio doesn’t match his voice and wonders the motive of the people who have also used his campaign poster for the LAZ elections together with the audio.

Mr. Kabwata also disclosed that the audio was meant to blackmail Mr. Chirwa so that he stops representing Miles Sampa and Robert Chabinga.

He said the audio has been traced to a known privateTV station and a named senior PF member in the Edgar Lungu Camp.

Mr. Kabwata said Mr. Chirwa was approached two weeks ago so that he could be blackmailed to stop representing Miles Sampa and Robert Chabinga, but he refused.

He said the police are following up on the matter and that soon the culprits will be brought to justice.

He said the release of the fake audio was well calculated and released at a time when he was conducting campaigns for the LAZ elections.

He said the leaked audio should be ignored and dismissed with the contempt it deserves because the people behind it are well-known PF sympathisers.

Mr. Kabwata said Mr. Chirwa won’t be deterred by his detractors from pursuing a leadership position in LAZ.

He warned that the people behind them wouldn’t go unpunished and promised to explore all avenues so that such people could be brought to justice.


  1. Only those who know that their case is hopeless would do this. You do not settle with a lawyer but the client of the lawyer. I hope justice gets done soon.

  2. This ka PF aligned KBN tv station is crossing the line. It’s editorial policy is to cast aspersions on the UPND and all its allies. The other day, it was hosted a former ambassador to talk about the toilet in kwacha east. IBA must wake up and monitor the broadcasting activities of this station.


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