Great mottos, creeds, visions and plans — are all only of any use, if a people genuinely and collectively resolve to implement them. This applies to our “One Zambia. One Nation” national principle.

If we only enunciate a motto through lofty pronouncements and prior to main news headlines; yet, without consistent, concrete and genuine corresponding actions — then, we are only deluding ourselves as a society. If we were to act in this way, unfortunately, — truth be told — we would risk becoming a nation of self-deluded citizens. With that, our aspirations in national building and development would no longer be attainable. For the simple reason that a nation of self-deluded citizens cannot effectively play the role of the sort of agents to spur cultural, economic and social renewal and development.

Recognizing the foregoing as key; since 2016, the Republican President in Zambia is required to address the National Assembly as provided for in Article 9(2) of the Zambian constitution which demands that the President addresses the Nation on the progress made towards the application of National Values and Principles found in article 8, among these are: Morality, Patriotism and Unity, Democracy and Constitutionalism, Human Dignity, Equity, Social Justice, Equality and Non-Discrimination, Good Governance and Integrity, and Sustainable Development. All this, in order to ensure that the Nation moves towards – not away – from being truly a united People summarized in our national motto: “One Zambia. One Nation”.

It is therefore from a nationalist perspective that I strongly commend, as should all citizens of good will, the emerging renewal and developments in national unity and nation building that transcends tribe and region; which has been typified by the Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu when he hosted the His Majesty the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II as the Guest of Honour during Ukusefya pa Ngw’ena — and now, the Litunga bestowing the same honour on the Chitimukulu. The message that these eminent Royal Highnesses are sending all citizens and leaders — political, traditional and others – is, among others, that what “unites us is greater that what and who (seek to) divide us.”

The spirit and actions of the Chitimukulu and the Litunga should, therefore, be emulated by all leaders, both traditional and political. This is important beyond its symbolic importance, because our very aspiration as a nation to achieve our high Vision 2030 aspiration to become “A prosperous middle-income country by 2030”, depends on our collective actions to be united.

This is so because Zambia’s long term development blueprint and vision, the Vision 2030, states in this regard that: Zambia “should have stable social and cultural systems that support human capital formation. Among other things, the nation Zambians aspire for, should be characterized as follows: ‘A common and shared destiny, united in diversity, equitably integrated and democratic in governance, promoting patriotism and ethnic integration’”, among other things.

We can all learn from the Latin maxim (which has since been adopted as an official motto by various Nations and at local-state government level in some countries): “E pluribus unum”, meaning “Out of many, one.” In our own context, “‘Out of the many 20 or so million Zambians’, ‘One.’”

Evidently, any calls to disunity, politicization, and trivializing the current efforts by the Royal Highnesses, is like sowing seeds of division. Let all politicians including His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, Opposition leaders, and others take their respectful places at this year’s Kuomboka Ceremony as sons and daughters of the soil. Those politicizing attendance are therefore offside.

We have a common and shared destiny. We are one Zambia, One Nation, One People. Let us therefore, as citizens of this great Republic, embrace and invoke the spirit of Ubuntu, Patriotism, national interests first-and-only, Unity in diversity and ethnic integration.

I now wish the great and wonderful Lozi people of Barotseland greatest joy and success as they celebrate our shared cultural heritage and a key tourist attraction — the Kuomboka ceremony.


Hon Sunday Chanda
Member of Parliament
Kanchibiya Constituency

19th April 2024


  1. BA Sunday Chanda. With due respect did you know that the slogan you are stating and one party state firmation was designed to suppress and oppress the Lozi people who were resisting the BA’64 abrogation which UNITED Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia? Check your facts and if what HH is doing is BAD, it was started by Kaunda and HH also had confirmed that he will continue in Kaunda’s foot steps. Yes, we as a people should treat each other with respect and mix well BUT NOT at the expense of destroying Barotseland, Litungaship and Lozi people. IT IS JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL BE RESISTED

    • Indeed those are a hallmarks words of great leadership my leader!! I used to disagree your opposition statements on so many people fronts but not now. You are now inspiring with ‘keeping together’, counselling upbeat. Keep it up my leader!!!

  2. PF rule was a misrule, and very tribal for our peaceful nation. Now that we’re not in power ati let’s unite. The things you never talked about & you should just have kept quiet. Unit it’s true for any society.
    PF needs to apologise to the nation for their tribal way they ran this country.


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