As we come to the close of the UPND Presidential nomination filing tomorrow, Wednesday 19 May 2021 there has been another separate demand to have KBF as a running mate to HH.

It appears that since the departure of CK many members have found comfort in suggesting and having Mutale Nalumango as the most appropriate person for the job. Many positives have been said in her support. With the nomination of Prof Nkandu Luo, as PF running mate, many feel that the womenfolk would be persuaded to compare the two women and even vote across party lines. With Mutale Nalumango’s sobriety and her cool mindedness she will appeal more to many womenfolk for increased party support. Mind you, there are more women voters than men in this Election.

The other camp seems comfortable in persuading KBF to the fold. They argue that KBF has been very solid in the PF and was able to correct the ills within although without success.
KBF has written books ( wished many could read them) on how he sees Zambia liberated and straight jacketed from its economic malaise. These books speak for him and are a means to his political direction and leadership.

Besides this man was in the war planning political council of the PF that prosecuted the 2016 political war against the UPND. He is a political strategist and tactician. He can be used by the UPND for counter attack. He seems to have been the leading personality in that council and finally managed to have ECL installed as President. We are aware of his ambitions to be Republican President after taking over the presidency of PF from ECL. But he found resistance within the PF and they expelled him. He resisted till he finally resigned on his own a few days ago.

He is believed to have joined the UPND Alliance without conditions but ready to work and ensure that power is wrestled from the PF. That camp believes that KBF is sincere in wanting to work with the UPND.

In pursuance of the spirit of an Alliance the camp strongly calls for power sharing. This proposal says, let UPND take the presidency and give up the running mate position to the Alliance members and in this particular case to Kelvin Fube Bwalya aka KBF. The camp believes that this will strongly cement the Alliance relationship.

Others in the Camp believes in Hon Felix Mutati. The camp says, he is a former Cabinet Minister of Finance and of Commerce and Trade. He once led the might MMD as President.

In the general discussions of things people haven’t forgotten the sacrifices by Hon Charles Milupi, Chair of the UPND Alliance. They believe that he, too deserves being considered for the position of a running mate.

The position of a running mate shouldn’t break the general membership support to the party to win this year’s elections. From the analysis of what is obtaining in all the provinces or regions, the mood is to ensure that HH is taken to State House together with his Party. Rarely are people worried about a running mate.

Looking at the final verdict, it would appear appropriate to consider KBF as the running mate. This in the national interest of the ALLIANCE.


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