By Mellbin Simangolwa

Before we accuse UPND of sponsoring Miles Sampa to destabilize the Patriotic Front, let us look at this matter without political lenses.

Edgar Lungu loses elections, and he officially resigns from politics and from his position as President of the Patriotic Front. His letter to the cabinet confirms this. This decision is also confirmed by the Patriotic Front as a party after they advertised the position of Presidency of the party and those interested were asked to pay K200,000.

Miles Sampa just like others expressed interest to fill up the vacancy in the office of the Party Presidency. Edgar Lungu was very much aware of what was happening, he allowed this process to go on.

At this point mingalato started. The convention to elect the new President could not take place. It was excuse after excuse. Edgar Lungu started playing games with the candidates because he had plans to return back into politics. ECL started playing mingalato because he wanted to come back as President of the Party despite having resigned.

As part of mingalato, Lungu appointed Raphael Nakachinda as secretary general of the party. Despite this move being illegal. Throughout this process, Edgar Lungu and his mingalato did not care about democracy.

Fed up with Lungu’s Mingalato Miles Sampa called for an ‘extraordinary general conference’ where he was elected President. In short Miles, also started playing mingalato. Where is UPND or President Hakainde Hichilema in all this?

Edgar Lungu was caught pants down at his mingalato by Miles Sampa. In 2014 ECL played the same mingalato and got away with it but this time Sampa was miles ahead in thinking.

PF claims democracy is under threat under the New Dawn. What was democratic about getting K200,000 from candidates and later imposing Lungu as President? Was it democratic to deny members of PF a convention for two years?

This confusion has been brought because of Edgar Lungu’s greedy and selfish motives and no one else. It is Edgar Lungu who has been playing mingalato all the time and he should never play the victim. Bill 10 was mingalato, Hatembos case was mingalato, treason case was mingalato but HH was equal to task and God saved him.

If you kill by a sword, you will die by a sword.

Mellbin Simangolwa
Copperbelt Businessman


  1. Just charge this ECL with the charge of obtaining money by false pretenses and conduct likely to cause the breach of peace!
    ECL is not Zambia and Zambia is not ECL!
    Zambia has enjoyed Peace the last 2 years without him. Immediately he shows up, Lawlessness resurfaces.
    UPND should just change the constitution and stop his comeback madness!
    Let’s find any means to consign him to the dustbin of history!
    ECL is a danger to Law, order and peace of this Nation!

  2. Can you imagine collecting K200,000 non refundable fee from each of the eight or so idiots who decided to keep quiet as worshippers of an idiot who cannot do anything to come back to power? One of my primary school teachers used to ask: bushe uli cisushi nangu uli mafi? when anyone failed to grasp his clear explanation of the subject.

    I ask the same question to PF idiots, bushe muli fisushi nangu muli fimafi that you can’t chat your own way forward without relying on a trickster? STUPID IDIOTS.

  3. Why are the other eight candidates not advising
    ECL to pave way for them to contest the PF
    Presidential elections?He had his time.

  4. This is the problem with Tongas, to them a fellow Tonga cannot be wrong even if he offends God. They only see wrong in other tribes. If Edgar was Tonga you would not call him doing mingalato. Just wait till you are out of power. You will cry for Lucifer to save you. You will never do these dull mingalato again.

  5. Ba Mukuka, Mr. Simangolwa has clearly laid out his argument. In contrast, your response completely fails to counter the points he has raised and only exposes your bigotry.

    Just by your statement referring to Tongas, we can assume that you are incapable of seeing Mr. Lungu’s despicable conduct because you are from the Northern province.

    You are in for a long grieving period ba Mukuka, for HH is very likely to serve TWO presidential terms as per our constitution. Your ECL is not going anywhere.


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